Posted by Curto on June 3, 2007 at 06:30 AM CST
Rebelscum Camera Commando Keith Shankland records the Force-Cast show, recorded live at Celebration IV in the Fan Club Lounge.

Part 1: Go behind the scenes of a live recording of the podcast show, The Force-Cast. See what it's like to put a show "on the air." Meet Jason, Pete, and many others as they bring you the latest from Celebration IV.

Part 2: More behind the scenes with Pete and Jason on The Force-Cast. Joining them are the creative talents behind an upcoming movie, The Force Among Us and the Fan Clubs first president.

Part 3: Join The Force-Cast behind the scenes at they interview the principles of an upcoming movie, "The Force Among Us." They also talk with the first president of the Star Wars Fan Club as well as some of the Rebelscum.

Part 4: Join Jason, Pete, Dustin, Jimmy Mac, Jay, and others as we show you their pod-cast recorded live at C4. This is part four in a series of their broadcast in front of a live audience. This episode has special guest Shane Turgeon, the author of the coffee table book, "The Force in the Flesh" and the editor, producer, driving force of ""

Part 5: This episode they tell you about their talk with Seth McFarland. Family Guy stories and they talk to the Chris's from IHN. Dan Curto joins Pete, Jimmy Mac, and Jason as they talk about the latest in collectibles and the Clone Wars.

Part 6: Their very special guest is Don Bies from Lucasfilm Ltd. Don first job at ILM in 1987 was a puppeteer on The Witches of Eastwick. Later that year he joined Lucasfilm Ltd. as their official R2-D2 operator for a series of Japanese commercials. In 1988 Don became the second Lucasfilm Archivist and helped organize the first major exhibition of Lucasfilm memorabilia for the 1988 Marin County Fair. He worked on Ghostbusters II and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Part 7: Jason finishes his interview with Lucasfilm Ltd puppeteer, Don Bies. Jovial Jay shares his discussion with Steve Sansweet about his new book, "The Star Wars Vault." Fans share Star Wars tales with the crew.

Part 8: The last video of The Force-Cast being recorded before a live audience in the Star Wars Fan Club Room at Celebration IV. Jovial Jay finishes talking about Steve Sansweets new book, "The Star Wars Vault." Jason takes one Star Wars Celebration Tale from a fan. Pete give some last thoughts as the broadcast comes to a close. Yanic Morales takes us to the end with his rendition of the Star Wars theme on his electric guitar. The same song he played when he competed in the Star Wars Celebrity.

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