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Rebelscum Commando cameraman, Keith Shankland takes a few minutes with several of the Star Wars celebrities at Celebration IV.

Matthew Wood
Matthew Wood the voices of "General Grievous", "Bib Fortuna", "Ody Mandrell", and "Magaloof" took time during an autograph session to call a young boy that was sick and unable to attend Celebration IV.

Daniel Logan
New Zealand born Daniel Logan, "Boba Fett" has fun with fans at Celebration IV. Posing and joking Daniel if a favorite of Star Wars fans as he takes time to have fun and talk with the faithful.

Amy Allen
Amy Allen is a woman of many talents. Recently she was the visual effects coordinator on Jennifer Garner's movie, "Elektra." Amy also played the role of Twi'lek Jedi Aayla Secura. Amy worked for George Lucas as a production assistant on several films. Including Gangs of New York, Star Wars:Episode II Attack of the Clones.

Jeremy Bulloch
Jeremy Bulloch, "Boba Fett" poses with a young fan at Celebration IV. Jeremy tells you how you can learn more about Boba Fett and Jeremy.

Sean Crawford and Tom Dry - "Tok and Tok"!
Sean Crawford, "Yak Face" and Tim Dry, "Whiphid" from "Return of the Jedi" are accomplished musicians. A lifetime ago they were known throughout England as "Shock." As mime artists they were on the cutting edge of the New Romantic cult. Alongside Boy George, Duran Duran, Adam Ant, and Spandau Ballet. In 1981 they were asked to support a new artist named, "Prince." They toured the world and appeared on innumerable TV shows. You'll see the fun loving and playful interaction between Sean and Tim in this video.

What Actors Were in the Official Pix Hall?
This video is of all the actors characters who were at Celebration IV signing autographs in the Official Pix Hall. The background music for this video was written and recorded by Sean Crawford, "Yak Face," and Tim Dry, "Whiphid" in "Return of the Jedi." Tik & Tok gave Rebelscum exclusive rights to use their music on other videos so keep checking back for more sounds from the edge with Tik & Tok. Better know around the world as "Shock" in the 70's and 80's. In the late 70's and into the 80's Sean and Tim were on the cutting edge of Techno music. Playing with Prince, Duran Duran, and many others. See the characters and hear the very unique style of "Tik & Tok."

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