Posted by Jeremy on July 21, 2007 at 03:05 AM CST
The organizer's of Celebration Europe were kind enough to invite selected key fan groups to attend the event in order to promote their services and sites, as well treat it as an opportunity to get to know one another. Situated towards the official souvenir shop and the Star Wars arcade, the motley crew of community representatives included:

Brickish Association had a number of MOC (My Own Creation) sets and dioramas out on display, including several of the elements of the large Mos Eisley Docking Bay 94 environment they were displaying on the main LEGO stand.

Fledgling UK news site Jedi News made their presence known by running an LFL-approved prize draw in aid of the Make A Wish Foundation.

French collecting news site surpassed everyone else with great display cases, a multimedia presentation and a guest appearance of Stephane Faucourt, author of the Meccano to Trilogo collecting guide.

The team from Jedicon 2008 were there to celebrate 30 years of the Force in Germany, as well as promote the next German Star Wars fan club convention.

Those hard-working boys and girls from the Norwich and District Star Wars Club distributed their Heroes & Villains allowed visitors a photo opportunity against their Tantive IV backdrop.

The largest presence in the fan area - though they were cut off from the rest of us by a giant green, inflatable assault course - was the 501st Garrison (UK) who came up trumps with their custom-built Death Star wall and "Imperial Information" kiosk! While the 99th Imperial Garrison, which is a is a forum group of costumers of the Imperial persuasion, had a more understated table that still drew a lot of attention..

And representatives Fan Force team from also attended, giving out information on what Fan Force in the UK did.

If you've been keeping up to date with our coverage of Celebration Europe you will know Rebelscum was there, but you will be forgiven for missing us. Those "in the know" were able to zero in on our ultra secret location right next to the giant green assault course, but for those of you who were relying on us making a larger presence of ourselves were let down. Sadly our promotional banner, and our coolio giveaway items for that matter, got snarled up in postal action on both sides of the Atlantic so we were not as obvious as we had hoped. But we made do with what we were given.

One thing that was unique at Celebration Europe was that we had our own booth where visitors got a look at "life in a goldfish bowl" where the team worked throughout the show gathering all the Star Wars info, shooting the Photo Archive detailed images, and meeting the fans from Europe.

Many people approached us thinking that two men on laptops could only be an information kiosk - which was a service we were happy to provide - only to discover that we weren't what they thought. After discovering this, many of our visitors declared that they'd been hunting us for hours and we apologize for causing you to lose precious convention time.

We were incredibly grateful to receive any attention, and warmly thank all of you who were able to pop by and say hello and pick up your forum member badges.

There are more pics of the fan areas in our fan force and Rebelscum photo galleries.