Posted by Curto on July 21, 2008 at 12:16 AM CST

Super7 and Lucasfilm Announce Jumbo Stormtrooper
International Toy Pirates Obtain Exclusive License From Lucasfilm, Ltd. to release Jumbo Stormtrooper.

July 23, 2008 (San Francisco, CA) – Super7, designer vinyl toy innovator, has obtained a license from Lucasfilm, Ltd. to manufacture the first ever jumbo-style Stormtrooper. The Jumbo Stormtrooper is a knee high, missile-firing collectible figure made of blown polyethylene. It even has tiny hidden wheels! The Super7 Jumbo Stormtrooper captures the original jumbo style of the 1970’s and introduces a new lexicon to the Star Wars universe.

“By making deluxe versions of classic Star Wars characters, we can introduce figures like the Stormtrooper to a new generation of enthusiast and provide seasoned collectors with new types of toys that deliver an unprecedented scale and complexity.” - Brian Flynn, Founder of Super7.

Super7 has set itself apart from other designer toy companies by delivering Japanese made products to the North American and European markets that achieve manufacturing standards unmatched by toys made elsewhere. The Jumbo Stormtrooper will be no different; to ensure its authenticity the Stormtrooper is being sculpted by Kotobukiya, and will be manufactured at one of the original Jumbo Machinder factories in Japan. Super7 believes this attention to detail will help capture the excitement Star Wars and Jumbo Machinder fans felt back in the 70’s when the toys found their way into stores for the first time.

An unpainted prototype of the Jumbo Stormtrooper will be unveiled in Tokyo on July 19th at Star Wars Celebration. Then on July 23rd the Jumbo Stormtrooper will make its North American debut at the San Diego Comic-Con ( Super7: booth 4729). Finished product samples of the Jumbo Stormtrooper will be made available to the public as early as September.

The Jumbo Stormtrooper will be a very limited production for a Star Wars project. The estimated retail price of the Jumbo Stormtrooper is $350. Only 1,000 units will be sold in the United States, and based on previous launches, the Stormtrooper is estimated to sell out with people still waiting in line. The Jumbo Stormtrooper will be available this fall at Super7’s store in San Francisco. For more information, please visit

Founded in 2001 by Brian Flynn, a former designer from Nike, Super7 began as a toy-collecting magazine that evolved into a retail store, clothing line, book publisher and toy juggernaut. Super7 collaborates with Japanese toy manufacturers to produce one-of-a-kind designer vinyl toys. In the last seven years Super7 has collaborated with Tim Biskup, Gary Baseman, and Todd Schorr and is currently working on new projects with Kiyoka Ikeda, Le Merde, Cosmo Liquid, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters and Itokin Park. Super7 has released over 300 exclusive toys and has developed over 30 original toy designs. In 2008 Super7 became the exclusive North American and European distributor for Gargamel, Real Head, Secret Base, Skull Toys, Buster Call, and many other boutique Japanese toy brands. Super7’s rebel base is located in San Francisco’s Japan town.
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