Posted by Dustin on August 13, 2012 at 08:18 PM CST
Here is the four piece patch set we'll be doing at Star Wars Celebration VI. There is one patch for each website,,, and Plus an anchor patch from Official Pix to bring them all together! We will have a ticket system in place for obtaining the patches, please read below for all the details.

Individual site patches will be given away with drawings each day, 125 per site. You have till Sunday 3:00 to pick up your patch if you win. Unclaimed patches go into the Sunday drawing. There are 550 total patches made for each site, with the balance given away to staff, etc. All patches need to
be picked up at 3:30 Sunday.

Official Pix patch was given away to pre-order customers orders of $250 or more. The remaining balance will be free with any $50 or more OPX store purchase at Celebration, not including autographs. There are 2,000 total of these.

There is a version of the OPX patch for the celebrities that says CELEBRATION VIP instead of CELEBRATION VI. There's no way to buy this one, but there are a few that will be given away in a manner still to be determined.

Plus we'll give away 15 OPX patches in the Rebelscum / / Forcecast booth**, 15 per day. Must submit your email address for OPX mailing list to enter.

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