Posted by Mike on August 6, 2010 at 02:28 PM CST
We have word of some 501st Celebration V giveaways courtesy of Scott Will:

"The 501st will be giving away a variety of collectibles at CelebrationV from the 501st Legion Experience room (W206 ABC). To commemorate the five year run of their first trading card collection will be an oversized checklist card featuring original artwork created specifically for the trading cards by renowned Star Wars artist DaveDorman. This will be in addition to multiple individual and event cards from the "Steel" collection. The 501st will also be releasing a limited series of 501st bookmarks, sponsored by DK Publishing. Each day a new bookmark will be made available, with two designs on Saturday and Sunday.

For more 501st collectibles and memorabilia, be sure to play the 501st's photo scavenger hunt, Palpatine's Paparazzi, on Friday. Pickup your scavenger hunt sheet in the 501st Experience room. Prizes for those who capture the most photos will win exclusive 501st coins, card sets, t-shirts and a lot more!"

Thanks Scott! Catch up on other CV 501st news through the related links below.
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