Posted by D_Martin on November 30, 2006 at 03:04 AM CST
History has taught us that Canadian toys are produced in far smaller numbers than those produced for the American consumers. It is commonly believed that the Canadian production numbers tend to be roughly 1/10 that of the US numbers (that's ten Canadian pieces for every hundred US pieces), so it's always something special when the packaging is altered as much as it is with these sets.

Basically, because of our bilingual laws, all products produced for the Canadian market must have equal English and French titles and text. While store exclusives tend to keep the US packaging, the products that are intended for mass release all follow this law.

In the case of the Tin Sets, the Canadian versions not only sport English, French, and Spanish text on generic cards and boxes, they also are adorned with stickers that are specific to the figures as well as the sets. Because of the generic card backs, the tins also include a folded character sheet with specs on the four characters represented in each set and a fairly large product catalog.

All six standard sets feature these stickers and inserts. Incidentally, the Figrin D'an set currently stocked at Canadian Wal*Mart stores is identical in all ways to the US set. At this time, Only the first three (Prequel) the Canadian sets have reached retail while the last three (Original Trilogy) are only available through select Canadian online stores.
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