Posted by D. Martin on April 24, 2015 at 01:51 PM CST
Ink Fusion was back for their fourth tattoo pavilion at Celebration Anaheim, and like the last three events, they brought with them a selection of the top tattooing talents and many, many attendees walked away with amazing Star Wars inspired tattoos. click the thumbnails above to have a closer look at the pavilion and The Force In The Flesh booth at its entrance. If you haven't already grabbed a copy of Shane Turgeon's new book The Force In The Flesh Volume II, you are missing out. Follow this link to get yours now!
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At the start of September Brickset, the Rebelscum of the LEGO collecting community, canvassed their readers to find out what should the next Ultimate Collector Series, or Master Builder Series, set be. Their answers, which came in thick and fast, were collated and the top fifteen suggestions were polled and Rebelscum gets the duty finding out what you would like to see as the next original Ultimate Collector Series set. Pick your favourite from the options below!
AT-AT Walker
Jedi Temple on Coruscant
A-wing Interceptor
Mos Eisley Cantina
Venator-class Star Destroyer
Current Results