Posted by Dustin on April 7, 2015 at 04:13 PM CST
Members of the Line Force Fan Club are a group of "fanboys"& "fangirls" of all genres that make the sacrifice of getting up at 2 AM to campout in line for movie premiers, conventions, or other related events. The group is finally moving inside the convention center and will be manning a booth. During the convention they will be offering a Star Wars: The Force Awakens mutipatch in the shape of a Tie Fighter wing depicting scenes from the upcoming movie.

100 of each patch will be given out each day. There are several ways to get your patch pieces:

1) Check out the Facebook page each day for clues or challenges.
2) Stop by booth 1165 and see what they are planning.
3) Look for members who have all four of the exclusive Line Force pins and/or a yellow Lanyard that say Line Force Fan Club! Brush up on your movie trivia!!! You might need to answer a question to win your patch piece!

Sets: 400 broken into 8 pieces each
Booth: 1165
Center piece: Booth giveaway Dailey times posted
Kylo Ren piece: Will
Rey piece: Nichole
BB-8 piece: Todd & Matthew
Poe Dameron piece: Jimmy
Stormtrooper piece: Ralph
Finn piece: Michelle

Line Force will also be offering convention exclusives as well as prizes for kids who visit their booth (1165).
So, check them out on Facebook or stop by their booth at the convention.
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