Posted by Dustin on March 26, 2015 at 07:01 PM CST
From Carl Cunningham:
Star Wars fan, collector, and talented artist Jamie Snell did some VERY cool art for Droid Builders signage (and giveaway items) for Celebration Anaheim (low-res "preview" shown):

We liked the art so much we're having some (50-100, at most) 18x24 prints professionally made on 100# poster paper. Mainly, these were for our friends who want a print of the art, but we do have a few spots left to reach our minimum allotment for printing. Price per 18x24 print came to about $22 (after Paypal fees, etc).

Since I consider Rebelscum my Star Wars family too, I figured Id let interested Scummers have a chance to get one as well. So, if you're going to Celebration and want to pick up one you can secure yours here:


These will NOT be sold at the convention. You have until this Sunday (3/29) to secure one. At that time, we have to lock down the number of prints to run and place the order with the vendor. We *may* have a few extra, but those (if any) would go into our prize pool for random giveaway drawings.

I will be distributing these at Celebration personally. I'll be sending an email a week before the show to everyone who orders one, with info on how/where to pick them up at the show as well as my personal contact info (mobile #).
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Back before the world wide web and social media ruled our shopping habits there was a long-established practice of driving around all the nearby toy stores to hunt down the latest releases. Obviously times have changed and online retail is far more important than it was twenty-five years ago - but has it killed the toy run? What was your shopping experience over the Triple Force Friday product launch weekend?
I managed to find everything I wanted in stores!
I found some but had to resort to big box websites to complete my haul.
I didn't bother stepping outside and ordered everything online.
I haven't bought any of the TFF product yet. Roll on clearance sales.
I'm waiting for the TV series/movie release before I commit.
I've so over it, no more Star Wars collecting for me.
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