Posted by Jay on August 28, 2012 at 07:41 PM CST
Panel Title: Tribute to Brian Daley, Fri. 8/24/12, 7:00pm
Official Description: Author James Luceno and host Pablo Hidalgo remember Brian Daley, the author of many well-loved novels, including the Han Solo Adventures and the Star Wars Radio Dramas. Luceno and Daley, together under the pen name “Jack McKinney” co-wrote the novelizations of the Robotech and Black Hole Travel Agency series.

This panel took place in the Behind the Scenes Stage with host Pablo Hidalgo and author James Luceno. Together they shared facts and memories, excerpts and recollections with a small, intimate group of fans.

Being a later evening panel, this one was not largely attended. Pablo invited everyone right up front so that it could be more of a conversation than a presentation. The panel consisted of Pablo introducing Brian, and while a slideshow of various images of him and his books flashed by, playing clips of an interview with Brian from 1993. Pablo also read excerpts from Daley's novels as he covered his history and influence with the Star Wars universe. These were punctuated by Jim telling various stories about his career with Brian, or anecdotes from their friendship together.

The pair worked their way up thru the Han Solo Trilogy books and the Star Wars Radio Plays. I wish more people could have been there for this incredible panel, which included an amazing slide. Pablo put up a slide with maybe 30 different words that Star Wars fans take for granted today. Words like 'swoop bike,' 'espos,' and 'Z-95 Headhunter,' all of which Brian invented, and are still huge elements of canon for the franchise.
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