Posted by D. Martin on September 17, 2012 at 09:32 PM CST
What can I say about Star Wars Celebration that hasn't already been said? I've been covering these shows since Celebration I way back in 1999. No matter how much you prep there are always issues that arise. Despite any minor hiccups, the teams we have in place are professional, and know what needs to be done. Granted we may not have hit every panel, but the effort put forth by,, and helps give you the fan at home a well rounded glimpse of what the show is actually like. I'd like to thank all of the guys involved with making sure we have No Fan Left Behind!

Team TFN (TheForce.Net)

Mike Barrick - Mike, thanks for your relentless coverage both before, during and after the show. You are a posting machine and we all love you for that! Next show let's make sure we don't buy the same shoes.

Eric Geller - Eric, you never cease to amaze me with the connections you have to get into panels. Also great job utilizing our social media feeds and for setting up the live webcam!


Chris Holoka - Chris is the man responsible for all of our graphic and web design needs. I can never thank him enough because he always delivers! If you saw our staff t-shirts, the banner, were lucky enough to grab our patch set, or badges that was Chris' doing. Hopefully he'll get busy on our TFN revamp soon!

D. Martin Myatt - Dave is our in house photographer who has a great eye for detail. Dave set up shop and went to town shooting all of the exclusives right at the show in our booth. It was cool to see Dave give tips to other team members on how to shoot or light a shot. Hopefully we can all learn a few things and continue adding to our massive Photo Archives. Speaking of Photo Archives, look for a special announcement soon!

Jovial Jay Shepard - Jay is jovial, always. When he's not trying to crack you up he's trying to give you some cool swag. I want to thank Jay for his continued excellent coverage of Star Wars literature. From comics to coloring books, he's got us covered!

Chris Wyman - If you sent in an item to get autographed, you need to thank Chris Wyman. Chris mentioned there were over 4,000 items sent in this time for autographs. From action figures to posters, and everything in between, Chris helps coordinate this service for Official Pix. Despite being stuck behind a curtain keeping track of over 4,000 items getting autographed, he always had a smile on his face and an offer to help where needed. Chris I applaud you for what you do for the autograph community, and am glad to know you. ( now if you could just send me an Ian McDiarmid that'd be cool )

Grahame Wright - Thanks for being our on the spot IT guy! We had a few issues that first day and with your help they were resolved quickly. I also want to say thanks for the yo-yo show. Whenever you start, it's hard to stop watching!

Adam Lamping - All I can say about Adam is that he's a dancing fool! Seriously though, thanks for helping man the booth.

Anthony Pomposello - Anthony is one of our newer team members here at, and he fits in just fine. He was a trooper all weekend helping man the booth for our patch give away. You definitely earned your stripes new guy!

Rich Alot - Rich is also a new team member at Rich and I go way back to the late 90's when we both volunteered at We had never met, so it was cool to finally do so. I look forward to Rich contributing to in the upcoming years.

Jason Swank - Jason, I will be forever grateful for the services you provide not only the websites, but fans around the world. You've helped grow our Star Wars family to include everyone from George Lucas to Ben Quadrinaros! It is always exciting to see you in action at these shows. There is so much that goes into a podcast and you make it look so easy.

Jimmy Mac - Thanks for not losing your voice this time. Also for taking one for the team by getting a wolf pack insignia tattooed on your arm during a live show! You're a trooper through and through. I cannot wait to hear more audio content from you guys soon! May the force be with you, bro.

I'm so proud of this group of fans who dedicate their time and effort to produce Star Wars content across our family of websites. Before I forget, thank you Philip Wise, for not only letting us play in the sandbox you've created, but for taking us all along on the ride of a lifetime. Without you we wouldn't be who we are. I may only see these guys once or twice a year if I'm lucky, but they're like extended family to me and always will be. All because of Star Wars, a small indie flick from the 70's.
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