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The Washington DC Area Star Wars Collecting Club is proud to announce its new corps of officers. Elections were held in November and these officers were elected to a two-year term starting January 2014:

Martin Thurn (re-elected as President) is a charter member of DCSWCC and previously served as its Administrator. Outside of the club, Martin is the webmaster for The Star Wars Collector’s Bible ( and in the 1990’s he was the publisher of The Star Wars Collector magazine. He is also a member of the executive committee for the Collecting Track at Star Wars Celebrations.

Bob Martinazzi (Vice President / Administrator) is a charter member of DCSWCC and previously served as Treasurer. He is a die-hard Luke Jedi focus collector as showcased on, and he recently completed his first styrene R2-D2 build.

Denise Kratz (Treasurer) is a charter member of DCSWCC. She previously helped establish the LEGO Star Wars collector’s site “From Bricks to Bothans” (, and also served as a reporter and book reviewer at Galactic Hunter. After more than a decade of avid action figure collecting (1995-2007), Denise now focuses solely on Luke, Han, and Leia.

Jeff Schock (re-elected as Maryland Regional Director) joined DCSWCC in 2005. Jeff collects a wide variety of items, with a particular fondness for posters, advertising art, and anything stormtrooper-related.

Matt Fox (re-elected as Virginia Regional Director) also joined DCSWCC in 2005. Besides his impressive collection of vintage and modern action figures, toys, and statues, Matt hosts the podcast “This Week in Star Wars” (

DCSWCC is one of the largest and most active Star Wars collecting clubs in America, with over 50 members. The club meets monthly and holds special events throughout the year such as socials, picnics, and “Roadshow” appraisal events. For more information, visit the club website at

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