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Dark Horse has sent out solicitations for their August 2008 titles, including 3 Star Wars comics, a trade paperback, an all-new Indiana Jones series, and because we're fans of the Browncoats, we've even got some cool stuff from Serenity!

John Jackson Miller (W), Brian Ching (P/Cover), and Michael Atiyeh (C)

On sale Aug 20
FC, 40 pages

At long last, Padawan Zayne Carrick confronts the Jedi Masters who framed him for murder!

The prophecy that was seen by Zayne?s Masters appears to be coming true. Two pieces of the sequence have come to pass . . . and those who remain alive are still fighting to prevent their vision from becoming a reality. The Jedi Consulars are beginning to doubt themselves and it?s possible they have overlooked a true source of danger!

John Ostrander (W), Omar Francia (P), Brad Anderson (C), and Omar Francia (Cover)

On sale Aug 27
FC, 40 pages

Darth Wyyrlok is the master of Sith lore and magic in Darth Krayt?s Sith order. He has also been Krayt?s confidant, spokesman, and friend. Now, seeing the further deterioration of his Master from the ravages of the Yuuzhan Vong bioforms, Wyyrlok attempts a dangerous journey into the Deep Core worlds to the birthplace of Lord Andeddu, an ancient Sith Lord, seeking to discover any secrets that might save Darth Krayt. Penetrating the Deep Core, however, is always hazardous and Wyyrlok must call upon his own core?his strength, skills, and beliefs?to simply survive.

STAR WARS: REBELLION #16?VECTOR part 8 (of 12)
Rob Williams (W), Dustin Weaver (A), Wil Glass (C), and Dan Scott (Cover)

On sale Aug 27
FC, 40 pages

Darth Vader successfully lures Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia into a trap that could cripple the Rebel Alliance, as ?Vector??the most important Star Wars event of 2008?concludes its third arc, setting the stage for the final galaxy-shaking showdown in Star Wars: Legacy!

On the dark surface of a desolate moon, Luke and Leia meet their first Jedi since Obi-Wan Kenobi, only to realize too late this Knight of the Old Republic is far different than their fallen friend?twisted by the Sith?s Muur Talisman and enraged by Darth Vader! Together, Luke and Leia must make a choice with far-reaching consequences, not just for themselves, but for the fate of the entire galaxy!

Henry Gilroy (W), Matt & Shawn Fillbach (A), and Ronda Pattison (C)

On sale Sept 24
FC, 96 pages
TPB, 5 1/4" x 7 1/2"

Introducing a new, quarterly, graphic-novella series based on the exciting new motion picture and television series The Clone Wars!

Dark Horse?s first offering, ?Shipyards of Doom,? is a digest-sized graphic novella written by Henry Gilroy, the head writer for the TV show, and illustrated by the prolific Fillbach Brothers.

We?d love to show you some of this full-length, all-ages comics adventure, but you?ll have to wait for the grand unveiling at Comic-Con International in San Diego!

Terry Austin (W), Darko Macan (W), Ryder Windham (W), Bret Blevins (A), June Brigman(A), Dave Gibbons (A), Roy Richardson (I), Angus McKie (C), Dave Stewart (C), and more

On sale Oct 22
FC, 336 pages
TPB, 6 x 9

Following the destruction of the first Death Star, Luke Skywalker is the new, unexpected hero of the Rebellion. But the galaxy hasn?t been saved yet?Luke and Princess Leia are finding there are many more battles to be fought against the Empire and Darth Vader!

This latest Star Wars Omnibus reprints many of the early tales of the rebellion. First, we have Shadow Stalker, Tales from Mos Eisley, and River of Chaos, all of which are long out of print and have never before been collected! Then, Splinter of the Mind?s Eye, a story created by George Lucas and Alan Dean Foster before there were plans for any films past Star Wars: A New Hope. And last is Vader?s Quest, in which Vader learns the secret kept from him by Yoda and Obi-Wan: that he has a son!

Rob Williams (W), Steve Scott (P), Nathan Massengill (I), Michael Atiyeh (C), and Tony Harris (Cover)

On sale Aug 27
FC, 40 pages

Breakneck adventure doesn?t let you stop for breath in this continuation of Indiana Jones?s search for ancient artifacts and treasures!

Once again, archaeologist and self-stated preserver of history Dr. Henry Jones Jr. is on the trail of something colossal. With exotic locations, natural disasters, wild animals, ever-pesky Nazis, and a beautiful fortune hunter, Indy?s quest for the Tomb of the Gods could be his most amazing and historically disturbing escapade ever!

This way for a touch of history and a lot of gripping adventure?Indiana Jones is not your average archaeologist!

On sale Oct 8
4" x 4" clear lucite cube

Joss Wheden?s blockbuster Serenity continues to capture the attention of fans of fantastic adventure. Dark Horse is pleased to support the ?browncoats? with the next in our series of Serenity themed ornaments.

We have scanned the Serenity ship and using the wonders of modern science, crafted it as a wire frame 3D image inside a 4" x 4" clear lucite cube. This process has allowed us to acheive an unprecedented level of accurate detail.

We are adding a mechanism of ribbon that can be glued to the cube for hanging display, but as with most ofther ?tombstone?-style collectibles, it may be best displayed sitting on a window sill or over a small LED light base. The LED light, commonly available on the open market, is NOT a part of the package.

Joss Whedon (W), Brett Matthews (W), Will Conrad (P), Michelle Madsen (C), and Jo Chen (Cover)

On sale Oct 29
FC, 80 pages
TPB, 6" x 9"

Serenity: Better Days follows everyone?s favorite space cowboys in a thrilling, action-packed adventure, where Mal and his crew take on a heist that promises a big payoff. But when one of Serenity?s crew is taken captive and tortured, the gang must put their enduring differences aside and work together to save one of their own, even if it may mean losing the cash prize of a lifetime.
Joss Whedon returns to the world of his blockbuster film Serenity, reuniting with Brett Matthews and Will Conrad, his collaborators on the bestselling 2005 series Those Left Behind.

? Collects Serenity: Better Days #1-3.

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