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Henry Gilroy (W), Scott Hepburn (P), Dan Parsons (I), and Kilian Plunkett (Cover)
On sale Oct 8
FC, 40 pages

Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi have discovered the dastardly plot of Count Dooku?the entire population of the planet Kiros are in danger!

Along with fresh new Padawan Ahsoka Tano?Anakin and Obi-Wan have liberated the droid-occupied planet and halted its destruction, but the native Togruta people have disappeared . . . Now, our Jedi must find the missing citizens, before Count Dooku can carry out his master plan!

? Cover by Kilian Plunkett?one of the artists working on The Clone Wars TV show!

John Jackson Miller (W), Brian Ching (P/Cover), and Michael Atiyeh (C)
On sale Oct 22
FC, 40 pages

The secret Jedi Covenant has one leader, but it isn?t the devoted Jedi seer, Lady Krynda Draay . . .

As Padawan Zayne Carrick struggles to clear his name, the Masters who framed him for murder are finding the ideals they have worked so hard to protect are crumbling. They have been deceived by a trusted advisor whose hostile takeover will pit the Jedi Knights against one another?true Jedi of the Order vs. the misguided Jedi of the Covenant!

? Brian Ching, the artist who kicked off the series, returns for the climactic end of this major storyline!

STAR WARS: LEGACY #29? VECTOR part 10 (of 12)
John Ostrander (W), Jan Duursema (P), Dan Parsons (I), and Brad Anderson (C)
On sale Oct 29
FC, 40 pages

With his bounty-hunter pals and a team of Imperial Knights, Cade Skywalker plans to assassinate the Sith Emperor Darth Krayt. The first step in their scheme requires a risky attack on a remote Imperial outpost in hopes of drawing Krayt away from Coruscant.

But even if that works, members of the team are divided in their feelings about their ?secret weapon??Celeste Morne, an ancient Jedi Knight of the Old Republic who is in possession of?and possibly possessed by?the powerful Muur Talisman.

As we plunge into the final chapters of the yearlong ?Vector? crossover, the power of the Talisman threatens to shake the galaxy to its foundations!

John Ostrander (W), Omar Francia (P), Alan Robinson (P), and Brad Anderson (C)
On sale Dec 24
FC, 104 pages
TPB, 7" x 10"

The future of Star Wars continues here! The Sith again control the galaxy, but the remains of the Galactic Alliance fight on to restore justice . . .

Admiral Gar Stazi leads the Galactic Alliance in a risky heist against the Sith. If he succeeds, his army?s resources will be greatly replenished?but at what price of punishment from the Sith Emperor and his minions? Three sides of this tale are told: that of the Galactic Alliance; that of the forces still loyal to the deposed Emperor Roan Fel; and that of the new Sith Order. Immeasurable and unforeseen repercussions will come to all!

? This newest volume of Star Wars: Legacy collects issues #20?22, and #27 of the ongoing series.

Henry Gilroy (W), The Fillbach Brothers (P), Ronda Pattison (C), and Scott Hepburn (Cover)
On sale Dec 31
FC, 96 pages
TPB, 5 1/4" x 7 1/2"

In the latest galaxy-spanning Clone Wars adventure, Anakin Skywalker and his young Padawan Ahsoka Tano go undercover in the cutthroat world of podracing in hopes of crushing a diabolical Separatist spy ring. Watch out, Jedi?speed kills!

? This new series is a compliment to Lucasfilm?s highly anticipated CGI-animated The Clone Wars movie, and television programs that will air on The Cartoon Network and TNT!

Available now
12" tall, includes base and weapons
Limited to 2007 pieces

Created celebrating the 30th anniversary of the greatest space fantasy film of all time, the Utapau Trooper limited-edition component to the ARTFX statue series was originally offered in 2007 at Comic-Con International. These troopers are the infamous receivers of Order 66, which called for the execution of all Jedi and set the stage for the Empire?s domination of the galaxy.

Each Utapau Clone Trooper stands 12 inches tall, and includes a display base and trademark clone trooper weapons?the blaster and DC-15 rifle. The level of detail that the Koto ARTFX series is known for is on display in this piece, with over 200 individual scratches and markings on the trooper's armor.

Limited to only 2007 pieces (for Summer 2007), this is one of the smallest edition sizes of any ARTFX statues released. Only a few remain, and when this limited supply is exhausted there will be no more produced. Allocation may occur.