Posted by Dustin on January 23, 2015 at 06:53 PM CST
501st founder Albin Johnson sent in the following.

Detention Block 2551, the original birthplace of the Legion. Now commemorated in designs by Dave Liew and available for order. Two designs, because folks demanded it! We are running a very limited quantity of both designs:

* Hex-shaped “unit” patch with the interrogation droid

* Boots-Up Trooper original with no caption

Next month we will offer Boots-Up Trooper with one of the more popular captions, again in a very limited run.Collect 'em all but hurry we won't make many of each.

Just $7 apiece free shipping to anywhere. Paypal to and indicate which you want and how many (DB2551 Droid ; DB2551 Boots Up Plain) Order as many as you like, when we’re out we’re out.

3.5” fully embroidered and set to ship mid- to late-February. Be looking for the next version in a month, and get it quick ‘cause we’re not doing many of these in favor of offering more variety.

For information on Detention Block 2551 and what this all means to the 501st, just browse by my website:

Now get back to your post

- AL (TK210)
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