Posted by Nick on April 13, 2019 at 07:52 PM CST
The Respawn entertainment team came out to much fanfare to tell us about this amazing new game. With a strong opening statement they confirmed again that this is a story game with no multiplayer and no microtransactions. It will be in the action-melee genre and feature a Jedi on the run in training who has to use his skill with the blade and force powers to resolve increasingly complicated situations.


The lead character of the story is named Kal Kestis and voiced by Cameron Monaghan (Gotham). Respawn describes him as one of the last members of the Jedi order who survived Order 66 and is now in hiding, working as a member of the scraper guild (a salvage group that disassembles Clone War-era ships) on planet Bracca. He is a former Padawan who Respawn describes as a street-smart and gritty character. While trying to save a friend he reveals himself to the Empire and must fight to survive.

The story is designed by the same writing team from the Clone Wars and Rebels series. It also involved a collaboration with Ben Burt regarding the droids in the game.


There is a great cast of supporting characters in the game. First there is BD-1 (Buddy Droid), your faithful droid who supplies a light-hearted aspect to the story but also a very functional asset. One of his tools includes and upgradeable spotlight.

There is Cere, a former Jedi Knight that serves as a mentor but not in a traditional role. Along with others they form a team or a "strange family." Seems like a similar relationship to the Ghost crew.

Kal will face many adversaries on his journey among them a new threat called Purge Troopers. These are meant to investigate and confirm Jedi sightings. These characters out of a necessity because of the limited number of Inquisitors. Purge Troopers are specially trained to handle Jedi and call in the Inquisitors upon confirming their targets.

The Inquisitors once again make an appearance. One of the primary antagonists in this game is the 2nd Sister Inquisitor. She was previously introduced in the comics in Darth Vader #19. It appears as though she will function the same as her colleague in Rebels.

Lastly, Respawn hinted that the lightsaber itself is a character in a sense and will change with Kal throughout the story, reflecting his own journey.

A trailer also aired at the panel and is available on EA's Youtube channel here. Look for the game on shelves 15 November. It will release on PS4, Xbox One X, and PC.

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