Posted by Philip on July 30, 2013 at 08:41 AM CST
From Endicia:

On Sunday, July 28, 2013 the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) implemented some changes to mail class naming and label requirements. At the same time, they launched support for a new offering and expanded an existing international feature. Postage rates are NOT changing at this time.

An updated version of your Endicia software that supports these changes is now available for optional download through your account pages on or by using the ?Check for updates? feature in your software. Please note that this is not a required update.

Key changes include:
?Express Mail is being renamed Priority Mail Express.
?Express Mail International is being renamed Priority Mail Express International.
?Both Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express labels will now show an estimated delivery time (1-DAY, 2-DAY, or 3-DAY) or special text for Military and DPO destinations.

?You cannot choose between the various delivery times. The appropriate timeframe is calculated automatically based on origin and destination ZIP Codes.
?Priority Mail delivery estimates are not guaranteed.
?Priority Mail Express retains the Express Mail money-back guarantee.
?There will be a new design for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express packaging from USPS, however old packaging will still be accepted while supplies last.
?Priority Mail now includes $50 of free USPS insurance coverage for Commercial Base postage customers and $100 of free USPS insurance coverage for Commercial Plus postage customers.

?You do not need to update your software to take advantage of this coverage.
?All claims must be filed at
?An IMpb (Intelligent Mail package barcode) tracking barcode is required for your package to be eligible.
?Electronic Delivery Confirmation International service is now available to 13 countries in addition to Canada.

?This service is available for the Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes and Small Flat Rate Box, as well as all First-Class Package International Service parcels.
?You do not need to update your software to access this service for the additional counties. The software will automatically default to adding the service when any of these countries is in the destination address.
?Many domestic shipping labels will now include a new Carrier Route Code. The Carrier Route code is a four-character code that will appear to the right of the return address and the immediate left of the current Retail Distribution Code.

To learn all the details about the changes from the USPS and what they mean for your business, please watch our brief video or visit our informational webpage.

Your Endicia Team
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