Posted by Dustin on August 18, 2017 at 08:43 PM CST
From Albin:

2017 has been a fantastic year celebrating 20 years of trooping for the Empire. My personal sigil has been Vader's Fist since the beginning and I even featured it in the name of the Legion. We are doing one final run of the 3.5" metallic silver edition of the logo patches, and for the first time: large 11" patches to mount on a jacket or banner. Fully embroidered, designed by Dave Lieu.

3.5" patches : $7 ea or $5 ea for orders of 5 or more) + $1 shipping for every five ordered, $2 outside the U.S.

11" patches: $25 ea + $2 shipping for each patch, $4 shipping for each patch shipped outside the U.S.

PayPal to and include your address and what you are ordering
Ships in mid-September
Taking orders until Aug 31

Rock on with your fist up!

AL (TK210)
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