Posted by Curto on October 30, 2006 at 12:02 AM CST
It's sure been a busy week, with a complete change to the voting schedule and a few official announcements as fans continue to choose which of their favorite figures in the modern line will be incorporated into the Greatest Hits line in 2007. This week, we see a head-to-head tournament between 32 different figures!

But first a word about last week: it appears that some fans have been, shall we say, a bit overzealous in their voting strategy. This resulted in several polls with exaggerated numbers, forcing us to change the poll code behind-the-scenes which should prevent poll tampering in the rest of the tournament.

After determining the average number of legit votes in all polls, the total from each figure was subtracted from the average, and the true winner was selected. In most cases, this did not change the results, but there are a few polls that were affected, which will no doubt be controversial.

The most abused poll, the Sandtrooper/Battle Droids poll, it was impossible to determine the true winner since there was tampering on both sides. In this case only, the results stand as is.

To make it easier to keep track of who's being voted on in each round, check out the handy scorecard above (now updated for week 2) that not only shows which figures are facing off, but also gives you a look at who's who (just in case you need a reminder.)

Remember - your vote is critical because only the top winners will be the figures eligible for selection in next years' Greatest Hits. Make your votes heard! So Head on over and place your vote today!
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