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A video chat was held today with members of the Hasbro Star Wars HASLAB team to discuss updates on the HASLAB campaign and answer some of our questions about this exciting project.

Below is a recap of Rebelscum's portion of the Q&A:

Q: Will this release be supported at retail with re-releases of the Skiff and related characters from Legacy and TVC?

A: We will see a few, but it won't dominate the line. It was discussed internally, but there are currently no plans to re-release the Tatooine Skiff.

Q: Since the preliminary design work has already been done, is there any chance that some of the interior environments of the Sail Barge, such as the prisoner's cell or the armory, could be adapted to be sold as stand-alone playsets at a smaller price point?

A: Since the barge originated as a 3D file, the technology does exist to do this, but there are no plans for this sort of product at this time.

Q: Does the barge feature any footpegs to place figures on?

A: There are only two, on the deck by the main cannon. The team felt that aesthetically a high-end product like this looked better without them, and they did not want to impose limits on where individual figures could be placed.

Q: Are the clear plastic stands shown in the prototype photography included?

A: The stands shown are not final. Currently eight stands are shown, due to the weight and stability of the prototype. The goal is to narrow that down to 4-6. Once a final decision is made the number of stands chosen will be included.

Q: Will the cockpit include stickers for the consoles?

A: The cockpit will utilize a combination of factory-applied stickers for the computer displays and traditional painted details.

Additional Features/Notes:

- The prisoner area includes real metal chains for the Ithorian skeleton.

- Jabba's dais moves.

- Vizam's cannon fits the railing.

- The two included cannons have six different ports that they can be plugged into.

- The deck features a button-activated trap door which drops into to the prisoner area.

- Extra grating was added to the deck to allow more light into the interior for photographers and to improve the display.

- One change from the prototype images: They plan to revise the length of the cord to Jabba's microphone to allow more play value.

Rebelscum would like to thank Hasbro's Steve Evans, Mark Boudreaux, and Joe Ninivaggi, as well as their PR team for taking the time to meet with us and field our questions.
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