Posted by D_Martin on September 2, 2014 at 02:02 AM CST
From Frank L.:

Just wanted to share photos of my massive haul between 4 different Walgreens locations this morning. I must say, the staff at the Walgreens locations that I visited were extremely helpful. I really have to give it to them for not only securing a solid exclusive (anything Fett sells) but also receiving BS6 Wave 5 in first!

All of today's finds had to be located in the back room of each location. I provided the Store Manager with the WIC number to pull up the locations in their system. I also explained to them that the new figures are part of their fall reset and will be located in the RST (reset) Totes. Every location that was pulled up received only 3 figures.

You will notice in the photo of the back of the Prototype Boba Fett, that he is missing the new Disney logo which does appear on all of the BS6 Wave 5 figures. Enjoy the pics!

It was definitely a great day today and a great way to celebrate the holiday weekend along with a refreshing Sam Adams Rebel IPA lol.

Looks like I'll be cancelling those pre-orders for BS6 Wave 5...

Have a safe and happy holiday! Good luck on the hunt!

Frank L. aka BobaFrank82

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