Posted by Nick on September 19, 2017 at 05:50 PM CST
Toys"R"Us finally put up the revealed Force Friday II exclusive, The Black Series Admiral Akbar and First Order Fleet Officer for order on their US site. They also listed a preorder for Rey on Crait for a 22 November release date, but it is now sold out as far as preorders are concerned. Check back to see if they open up more.

Target's Luke Skywalker with Ahch-To base went from a release of 1 October to 1 December per the product information. We've been monitoring this date pretty much every day and this is the first day it has said December.

Gamestop's Supreme Leader Snoke with Throne and the Guardians of Evil four-pack have changed their dates to 25 September on Gamestop's website. They should be shipping soon as they charged my credit card already. ThinkGeek reports these shared exclusives as releasing in early October. No word if the dates changed for Barnes and Noble, which has the four-pack for $10 cheaper and free shipping but still lists the release date as 1 November.

Amazon's First Order Stormtrooper with gear and Elite Praetorian Guard with long spear and force pike (?) have been available for preorder since Force Friday II. The release date says 1 December but when I spoke with a customer service rep to confirm my order since it initially said "currently unavailable" they told me the order did go through and the expected date was 13 October, so the listed date may just be a placeholder.

No sighting of the Walmart exclusive Kylo Ren with Throne Room base. I would guess it releases sometime in October and Walmart probably will have it out on the shelf before its street date, so keep checking your local stores.

No sighting of the Walgreens exclusive Spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Please let us know if you find any of these in stores, so we can pass the word on to your fellow collectors.

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