Posted by Nick on April 19, 2017 at 08:26 PM CST
The top six winners are as follows:

1) Yak Face from Return of the Jedi
2) Ben Skywalker from the Expanded Universe
3) Sim Aloo from Return of the Jedi
4) Doctor Aphra from Marvel Comics
5) Tonnika Sisters from A New Hope
6) Pong Krell from the Clone Wars Series

Thank you for all of your submissions. We had some pretty interesting requests. The most common thread was background characters. Also bizarre characters from the expanded universe now known as legends. We even got very specific submissions such as Padme Amidala in packing gown from the two-minute scene in Attack of the Clones. Overall we got some great results and I think any of these would be great. My bias will always be for more cantina aliens though.
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