Posted by Curto on June 13, 2007 at 01:52 PM CST
It's been awhile, hasn't it? Honestly, Celebration IV has taken its toll, and we got a little bit sidetracked in the following weeks, so our involvement in Hasbro's bi-weekly Q&A session got overlooked and lost in the shuffle.

It should be noted that the majority of these questions were sent in for our "live C4 Q&A" that well, that never happened. You can blame me if you want, but now we're back on track and we've got not three, but six questions for you today! Enjoy!

Rebelscum: Can you confirm the rumored Sgt. Doallyn for the 2008 line, and will he be in his correct white uniform?

Hasbro: We aren't going to be confirming rumors about specific figures in 2008, although we have thrown out hints from time to time generally about some figures that we are thinking about, and Doallyn might have been one of those. We do know fans have been asking about him, and if he doesn't make the cut next year we'll probably get to him soon after.

Rebelscum: Are the chances looking good for a V-19 Torrent starfighter to be made since it appears in the new animated Clone Wars trailer?

Hasbro: Wow - that is a challenge. We have looked at the ship, and while it's cool, it's big. If we can figure out a way to do it, we'll certainly consider it, but right now we can't make any promises.

Rebelscum: For Wizards of the Coast: What figures will be included in the Hoth Battle Pack?

Hasbro: The WotC team is not ready to announce the full figure line-up, confirming though that the set will contain two exclusive figures - Blizzard Scout 1 AT-ST and General Veers hologram.

Rebelscum: Since The Force Unleashed figures are delayed until next year, does that mean they will not be in TAC packaging? If they aren't, will the coins that were planned to go with them still be included, available to buy separately or did production never get that far?

Hasbro: We were saving the announcement, but now is a good time to release the info. The TAC line look will "carry over" at retail through Spring to make the look an 18 month segment. We will not make a substantial package change until the Fall when Clone Wars debuts. We are evaluating what the Spring waves will come with (if anything), but the only certainty is that they will not come with coins.

Rebelscum: In previous Q&As, Hasbro has mentioned the possibility of a Cantina alcove type playset, and the drink dispenser for the bar. Has there been any further developments in either of these?

Hasbro: Unfortunately, we may not be able to do this due to the cost of the larger pack-ins. This year with the TAC it's been a celebration of sorts all year long with some extra special pieces, but the perpetually rising cost of materials and tooling presents an extreme challenge to anniversary things like this in basic figures. We can't make any promises, but if we can afford some of these, will will look at them.

Rebelscum: I picked up a couple of the Action Figure Base Packs at CIV & noticed there are tons of characters missing from the label sheet. Is Hasbro going to make different versions of the stand packs or I guess just label sheets with different names? The Episode I, POTJ, OTC, Saga I and non-animated Clone Wars figures could really benefit from it. They really need to include more EU stands seeing that a lot of the new waves consist of "EU" characters. 2 stands aren't cutting it. It's annoying that Zuckuss and Dengar are the only 2 bounty hunters missing stands.

Hasbro: It was our intent to cover every figures from 2004 up that did not originally come with a stand (as all of the TSC figures did last year), but there are some we obviously missed. Right now we do not have plans to issue another label sheet, but could possibly update and change-up the label sheet for 2008.

Special thanks to everyone over at Hasbro and Hunter PR for putting up with me and helping me get back on schedule...our regular bi-weekly session will resume next Friday!

Got any burning Star Wars questions you need answered straight from the source? If so, post your questions in this thread in our forums, and with any luck, you'll get your answers next time!
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