Posted by Curto on July 6, 2007 at 04:18 PM CST
As part of Hasbro's bi-weekly Q&A session, Rebelscum passed on 3 of your burning questions and now we've got the answers for you.

Rebelscum: Are you at all considering the Star Wars: Starfighter - Crossbones series for the Comic Packs? The main character, Nym, has been near the top of many wishlists for several years now, and this series is sadly underrated. Nym was included in a previous Fan's Choice poll back in 2002, so please revisit the idea of making this character.

Hasbro: It's funny you mention that, we just picked up a set of this long out of print series at CIV and have started to re-read it. It's been years since we first read it. Nym is a Feeorin (as is Rav from the new Legacy series), so it's nice to see this interesting alien species get some more attention. Nymn right now is a very remote longshot, and it's likely we would do Rav before Nym...but never say never.

Rebelscum: We LOVE the new A-Wing pilot coming in wave 7! He's perhaps the best-looking pilot figure that Hasbro has produced to date: articulation, deco, the whole package is superb! However, as you are doubtlessly aware, this figure has also caused quite a debate. While a viewing of Return of the Jedi and a review of Star Wars Chronicles will reveal that the helmet is accurate for the pilots seen in the back of the briefing room, and accurate specifically to the pilot that most EU sources refer to as Tycho Celchu, it is NOT the helmet seen on the two pilots that are seen FLYING A-Wings during the attack on the second Death Star. We've heard rumors from other sites that there are plans to release Arvel Crynyd (the pilot that crashes into the bridge of the Executor) next year - any chance that you'll confirm this rumor, OR at least - that if you did (hypothetically speaking, of course) do Arvel in the future, that you'd do him with this new body and the different headgear appropriate to the A-Wing pilots that we see during the attack. If this is a plan for the future, we most welcome it, as these variation seen in the rebel gear, particularly the pilots from Return of the Jedi, would be welcome (and seemingly easy) additions to the action figure line!

Hasbro: We were unaware of the error...but now that you mention it, we will take a look. The figure will likely not change from what was shown, since we are so close to production. As far as Arvel being re-released, he was on an early list of ideas we had for exclusives, but he has not been slotted in or confirmed yet so it's nothing more than an idea. The idea to re-release was inspired by the creation of this new tooled figure, though, so if we did, that would be the body we'd use. In light of the helmet issue, we'd look to do the most accurate one for any future reuse of the figure.

Rebelscum: Dear Hasbro, to the early Star Wars trilogy, the Womp Rat is one of the most iconic creatures - like the Bothan Spy, by the way. Will we get the Womp Rat as a figure one day? Are there concepts depicting it which are good enough to help make this creature into a figure ?

Hasbro: There are some references out there, and we have thought about this figure, but have yet to slot it into anything (I suppose it could have been hanging onto the moisture vaporator, but we were already in costing trouble with this one). Some day we will have a Womp Rat though....some

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