Posted by Curto on September 26, 2008 at 07:00 PM CST
As part of Hasbro's tri-weekly Q&A session, Rebelscum passed on 3 of your burning questions and now we've got the answers for you.

Rebelscum: I just finished reading The Force Unleashed novel and I am now dying to play the game. I unfortunately didn't pick up all the TFU figures when they were available because I didn't appreciate how cool they really were!! I'm guessing that there are going to be A LOT of people in this same situation. Are you going to re-release any of The Force Unleashed figures to meet the new demand now that the game is finally out? There are also a ton of additional characters, like PROXY, that would make amazing figures! Please tell me that there is hope of getting a PROXY one day!

Hasbro: We will be looking at re-releasing most figures eventually as part of the "greatest hits" sub-line or Saga Legends. We haven't slotted them all in yet. Proxy is high on our list of figures we would like to do, and do not rule out the possibility that we will do more TFU figures. One more, Shaak Ti, will be in the basic figure lineup in late 2009, but any additional figures would not be out until 2010 at the earliest if we did decide to pursue some more (and after experiencing the game ourselves over the last week, there are a ton of great choices!).

Rebelscum: Gunship Turrets! When will you release better sized turrets for the Republic Gunship?
The ones packed in with the AOTC Gunship pilot were good for the time, but now newer, more accurately scaled ones are needed, specially since there are so many gunship variations now on the market. They simply could be enlarged versions of the ones we have now, or made of clear plastic with a stuck in figure that is molded to sit inside.

Have you ever considered a Gunship supply battlepack?
It could feature said new turrets, along with spare rockets, and perhaps a pilot, all packaged in one little set. Surely this would be a huge investment for you Hasbro since so many of us have at least one gunship in need of accurate turrets.

Hasbro: We are looking at the possibility of a Battle Pack for 2009 featuring turrets. Stay tuned!

Rebelscum: I think it's safe to say that the action figures based on the Knights of the Old Republic games are wildly successful. Both Darth Malak and Revan sold extremely well, as does the Sith Legacy Evolutions set which includes Darth Nihilus. I think the market (that'd be us) is telling you something:) So, can you please tell us dedicated Expanded Universe and KOTOR fans that we'll see some more KOTOR figures in 2009? The Sith Lords need some heroic Knights of the Old Republic to go toe-to-toe with. >cough<...Bastila Shan...>coughcough<

Hasbro: There are no more KOTOR figures in the works right now, but the huge demand for KOTOR figures is always at the back of our mind. Bastila Shan would be the next one we want to do, but it would not be before 2010 at the earliest.

Got any burning Star Wars questions you need answered straight from the source? If so, post your questions in this thread in our forums, and with any luck, you'll get your answers next time!
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