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So many questions, so little space... Many other Star Wars collecting sites also submitted questions you need answered, so if you want to know the latest answers from this week's Hasbro Star Wars Tri-Weekly Q&A Session, here's a handy guide to help you get all the info.

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From Galactic Hunter:
1) Fans love Aayla Secura, so might we expect another new figure eventually? Maybe a Comic 2-Pack version of her in her undercover outfit as "Jayzaa" from the storyline in Darkhorse comics Republic #72 issue.

2) You've said that there probably won't be a second Padmé Evolution set in 2009 [or any as of this e-mail], but can we still expect at least one more non-animated realistic Padmé next year in addition to the animated Padmé in her white outfit that has already been revealed? Also on the subject of animated Padmé, is there a good chance of eventually getting Padmé in her Leia-esque battle uniform from the 4th episode of the series Clone Wars: Destroy Malevolence plot? It seems to be prominently featured on various Clone Wars books and advertising, so it deserves as much attention as the standard white bodysuit version you are already releasing.

3) Two figures that haven't received the newer, fresher Hasbro update are Oola and the Gammorean Guard. We've heard that both have been at some phase of development, but how likely are we to see them in the near future? (Or how close are they to getting out of the "parking lot"?)

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From Han's Hideout:
1) A question on the upcoming Clone Wars Jabba the Hutt Battle Pack - dais or no dais? And does he come with any new figures or just some sort of inevitable Anakin/Dooku/Ahsoka repacks that we're all expecting?

2) Based on what you told us last time, we won't hold our breath waiting for our Han Solo with yellow space goggles from Marvel Star Wars # 15 (though we all know it'd rock). As Han Solo fans, what should we hold our breath waiting for in the coming year? With no new Bespin Han planned until 2010 and a new Carbonite Han not in our immediate future, is Stormtrooper Han really the only new Han figure we'll see in 2009?

3) nd finally a question submitted by one of our younger readers - "Will you make some Wookiees in the Clone Wars Animated toys?"

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From Imperial Shipyards:
1) Do you have any plans to release the Separatist Boarding Craft aka Pod Hunter in the Clone Wars 3D vehicle line?

2) I would like to know if there are any OTC ships (especially TESB) planned for Legacy this coming year?

3) Do you have any plans to release the Firefighter Battle Droid from the Destroy Malevolence episode of Clone Wars in the Clone Wars 3D line?

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From Jedi Insider:
1) I really like both the McQuarrie Star Wars figures that you made and I was wondering if you ever thought of doing a series of McQuarrie Evolutions Packs? They would be just like the 3 figure packs you already make, but they would have two figures that show the Evolution from McQuarrie's concept artwork to the final movie version. Like one could be a McQuarrie Evolutions Pack of Darth Vader (McQuarrie & Movie figures).

2) There's no doubting the popularity of the ‘Legacy’ comics from Dark Horse and their plastic counterparts, collectors and kiddies seem to be picking up the recent Cade/Talon and Imperial Knights packs left and right. While you've discussed future EU releases before, any indication how we may be getting these figures? Will we be seeing more comic pack issues or will figures such as Darth Krayt and Nihl begin sneaking their way into the single card assortments? The Legacy series itself presents a great opportunity for two packs; the aforementioned Sith Lords, Wolf Sazen with Shado Vao or even an Emperor Fel with a newly sculpted Marasiah Fel head on an Imperial Knight body are all great possibilities. So are comic packs the way to go to get great EU characters to the fans quickly and in quantity or will we see them gradually fill in the spots in the basic assortments?

3) The articulation on the new Marvel Universe 3 3/4" figures seems to be pretty nice, any chance of testing out this style with Star Wars figures in the future?

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1) In the US release for TLC wave 4, the BAD parts are with all the new figures, and the 327th Clone Trooper - which is merely a repaint of the Evolutions Clone Trooper - comes with a redundant BAD part since he's not exactly "new" enough to warrant making collectors buy him again just to build the droid. However, in the UK release of this wave, the 327th Clone comes with an original BAD part - the right arm - while new figure Bail Organa is the one with the redundant part. Why did Hasbro change the BAD parts in wave 4 in the UK, leaving a new figure with a duplicate unnecessary part and an old figure with a vital part... or could this be factory error?

2) Some of the Galactic Heroes Cinema Scenes and 2008 Comic Packs have been not been seen in the UK. Will any effort be made over the coming weeks and months to try to ensure we have a chance to buy some of these items (only 4 of the recently released GH Cinema Scene's were officially available over here [Vader's TIE, Obi Wan's Starfighter, Rancor's Pit and AT-RT] meaning that we're missing out on X-Wing Fighter on Dagobah, Pit of Carkoon, Escape from Mos Eisley and Geonosis Battle)?

3) As normal the UK Toy Fair precedes the US Toy Fair by about 2/3 weeks. Last year, a movie year, we weren't allowed to see ANYTHING related to Star Wars on the Hasbro stand. Will we be able to see anything new at the UK Toy Fair this year or will everything be held back for the US? ...please say we'll be able to see something - fingers crossed!

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From Jedi Temple Archives:
1) We've known about the complete lineup for the upcoming EMPIRE STRIKES BACK wave since early November. But thus far the only images we've seen have been what appears to be a Captain Needa prototype. Can we get a peek at some of the offerings in this wave? Perhaps a final version of the previously seen Needa, or perhaps even the eagerly anticipated Hoth Rebel Trooper?

2) The Q&A process seems to have been dominated with questions about the LEGACY line much more than the CLONE WARS line. Which is interesting, since it seems that during the holiday shopping season it was much harder to come by CLONE WARS figures than LEGACY figures. So with that in mind, we thought that CLONE WARS might be fertile ground for a Q&A session. Has the sales performance of the CLONE WARS line been as much of a surprise to the Hasbro Star Wars team as it has been to collectors?

And on a related note, we've seen indications over the past few months that a CLONE WARS deluxe figure line is in the works. We've also seen word that a CLONE WARS Jabba might be on the way. Will Jabba be offered through this line? And what about the crab droid that we saw in the "Bombad Jedi" episode?

3) The news of the 2010 Force Unleashed wave is very exciting indeed. With that news come all sorts of questions. First, will the TFU Shaak Ti that we've heard about move to this wave from the previously announced Expanded Universe wave? And what characters from the Force Unleashed are on the Star Wars team's wishlists?

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From Raving Toy Maniac:
1) Would Hasbro ever consider doing large-scale versions of some of the smaller figures? I don't mean 12" bodies with cloth costumes, like Sideshow does and Hasbro used to do, but literal larger versions of some of the best figures. 4-ups, let's say.

2) Will we see a figure of the Clone Wars Mon Calamari Jedi, Nahdarr Vebb?

3) Would Hasbro consider doing Star Wars-themed fashion dolls again? Especially now with more female characters to choose from in Clone Wars, it could be a broader line than just Leia and Padme.

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1) Is it possible to you confirm what figures you have made for the live action TV series for next year if any? If so what?

2) This coming wave of New Hope figures have given us, the fans, 4 more Mos Eisley/Cantina aliens, and Kudos to you because I always wondered what Dice Ibegon would look like with a body. We have Trinto, Dice, Pons (Brainiac) and Wioslea, but we are missing ONE last crucial alien for the cantina. I am of course referring to BOM VIMDIM. Wheres the figure love for are favorite horned patron?

3) I'm just wondering if you plan on giving any consideration to expanded universe material from the pre-Thrawn trilogy era (70's & 80's) apart from the Marvel comics material. There is actually quite a bit to draw from such as the Holiday Special (which you have stated can't be touched), the Ewok movies, the Droids and Ewoks cartoons, novels such as Splinter of the Mind's Eye, the Han and Lando novels, and storybooks that originally included records like Planet of the Hoojibs and Droidworld. True, none of them have a lot of exposure today, but they would certainly be remembered by collectors that grew up in a time when these were some of the only sources of Star Wars fun apart from the OT. So what do you think? Is there any chance that figures based on some of these sources could ever be made, perhaps as chase figures, exclusives or some other type of release?

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From Sir Steve's Guide:
1) 2008 marked the 25th anniversary of ROTJ, however there was no fanfare, no commemorative figure sets, no special packaging, nothing from Hasbro mentioning the milestone. Is there a reason it got snubbed while ANH has enjoyed Hasbro products for both its 25th and 30th anniversary? Will 2009 pass without anything celebratory of the TPM 10th anniversary? What about ESB's 30th anniversary the year after? Judging by some of your Q&A answers over the last 6 months, it seems like there's thinking about maybe doing some cool ESB stuff in 2010 - like a Tauntaun, e-web cannon, Bespin Han, and Boba Fett - are those hints suggesting ESB 30th anniversary special stuff?

2) Longterm collectors have noticed that, in the past, sometimes Hasbro ends up with spare figures at the end of a particular line - either unsold merchandise or even bought back from retailers like in the Saga line. Take for example the HasbroToyShop 8-packs of TAC Farmboy Luke, or Darth Vader, sold as "party favors". Collectors have always wondered, what happens to those extra figures: Are they melted down and recycled back into plastic (and wouldn't their paint make that difficult)? Are they repacked into new sets like battle packs or Saga Legends (which seems expensive to take them out of original packaging and put into a different package)? Are they sold off to toy liquidators, or donated to childrens' charity as a write-off?

3) Fans may be a mixed bunch, but when it comes to the latest Sarlacc Ultimate Battle Pack exclusive for Target, while fans were really looking forward to this concept, their overall take on the finished product seems to be a less-than-positive one. The complaints range from weak execution on the set to poor paint on the figures to not enough product for the newly-increased pricepoint over the '07 models. What is the Hasbro Star Wars team's take on the final product that made it to retail, both its successes and its failures?

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1) With oil being so much cheaper of late (under $50 a barrel) will Hasbro forgo it's decision to include only four figures per battlepack and return to including fifth figure?

2) Any chance of seeing a figure made of the Droid Commando or any of the other "new" Battle Droids that were recently featured in the Clone Wars series?

3) The RotS 2-1B figure was one of the most out-of-scale in Hasbro's history: it was far too small and I noticed a few collectors saying that they would only buy it when it went on clearance because the tiny size didn't justify buying it at regular retail price (I skipped it entirely). What happened here? You've mentioned in the past that sometimes a figure turns out smaller due to issues with the material or the tooling, but this one seemed too tiny for it to be just error. Was it cost-saving due to higher plastic costs? And can you promise us that an eventual TESB 2-1B will be correctly scaled?

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From The Private Universe:
1) So far we have seen numerous Rebel Pilot figures but we have yet to see one of the Grey Squadron Y-Wing Pilots from ROTJ. Is there any chance we may see one of these in 2009 or 2010?

2) You have released details for the 2nd Imperial Pilots and 3rd Rebel Pilots Evolution sets. Can you tell us the other 2 figures which will be included with Fi in the Commandos set?

3) Are there any plans to produce Force FX blasters at any point?

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From Yakface:
1) The recent "Lair of Grievous" Clone Wars episode seemed to beg this question – Are there any plans for a Battle Damaged General Grievous in the Clone Wars Line complete with removable legs and battle damaged face plate?

2) Due to their prominence in the series, can we expect to receive a Clone Wars Super Battle Droid version that incorporates the large cannon-like arm in 2009?

3) Since last week you clarified the some of features of the new Super Vulture Droid, what else can be said about it? Is it able to be transformed into its "walking" droid mode and has it indeed been "EU-ized" to carry a pilot/droid of some type?

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From Yoda's News:
1) Over the Holidays I purchased 1 of each of the AT-TE and the BMF. Both are very well loved by my 5 year old. I was so impressed with the Falcon that I bought a second for myself to display, because it really took me back to my younger years. My questions is since Hasbro has this kind of production capabilities to put into a vehicle. Why is this not applied across the board with other ships etc? On the action figure side, I bought my son almost 40 figures, I have to say the most impressive was the TLC GRIEVOUS that seems to be the correct scale. I have to ask, are you going to make one with a cape? That was the only disappointment. Keep up the good work and make more big ships. We want them all!

2) In regards to the Jodo Kast figure - Any chance you will re-release him with a real articulated body like the Mando warriors offered through EE? The current release has a lack of features. Will we ever see Jodo Kast on a better, articulated body?

3) We have along wish list for figures from Clone Wars, to name a few Clone Trooper (scouts on Teth, from the movie) , Senate Security Clone Trooper (with pauldron, from Ambush), Nahdar Vebb, Jabba the Hutt's protocol droid, Clone Trooper (in Star Destroyer uniform), Senate Security Guard (from Cloak of Darkness), Nute Gunray, Toydarian king, and guards, Jabba's aliens (Weequay and Nikto), Trandoshan Trader (from Downfall of a Droid), Commander Gree, Lok Durd, Cad Bane and Twi'lek civilian! Make our Holiday and let us know which ones we will see in 2009 and share any pictures you may have!

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