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So many questions, so little space... Many other Star Wars collecting sites also submitted questions you need answered, so if you want to know the latest answers from this week's Hasbro Star Wars Tri-Weekly Q&A Session, here's a handy guide to help you get all the info.

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1) Without any collector/fan website input, what would Hasbro's Star Wars product offering look like? The fans, kids, collectors, etc. obviously have some influence, but from your perspective, how much? In light of the Organas, Yarna, Moff Jerjerrod, the Sarlacc set, and Lars Homestead set all shelfwarming, would Hasbro make those sorts of things if you didn't have a vocal collector base constantly nagging you in Q&A which obviously influences stuff like Yarna and the Spacetrooper and Willrow Hood? Is the collector base being more of a squeaky wheel getting too much grease, and if you weren't hearing that squeaking, what would the line be like?

2) Although Titanium Series has done an ok job releasing vehicles from the Clone Wars, there's only been a loose smattering despite the series' meteoric rise in popularity. Still to be made from the Clone Wars includes the Tri-Droid, Pirate Tank, the Malevolence, the Trident, Pod Hunter/Separatist Boarding Ship, Escape Pod, Hyena Bomber Droid, Weequay pirate saucers, CK-6 Freeco swoop bike, as well as existing movie vehicles which are in the Clone Wars not yet done as Titaniums, like the STAP, Acclamator, Munificent-class Banking Clan Frigate, Padme's Naboo H-type Yacht, and LAAT/c carrier. So the Clone Wars is already a rich source of material that has only been somewhat mined in Titaniums. Are there any more Clone Wars vehicles due out before the line's end (besides the Y-wing which we already know about)? Why wasn't there a greater focus on Clone Wars vehicles in the line when it was becoming apparent the line was facing doom?

3) On the recent Jawa with WED Droid set, the Jawa comes with a small tin can-like piece that has 2 posts sticking out of it. Although there has been much speculation as to what this accessory is, no consensus has been reached. Also, the small accessory doesn't seem to have a dedicated storage spot on the figure's outfit unlike all the previous Jawa accessories, it has a sideways peg but the only peghole found on the Jawa is being used for the ion gun's power pack. So, what exactly is this accessory representing, and where does it fit on the Jawa? Or is it supposed to attach to the WED Droid instead?

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From Galactic Hunter:
1) Whatever happened to the Tales of the Jedi comic pack featuring Ulic Qel-Droma and Exar Kun? You mentioned a long time back that it was coming, but we haven't seen any pics or updates on this pack, all while other new comic packs are either being revealed or rumored. Was it canceled or delayed? (If it's still heading down the space-lane, might we ask for a photo of it?)

2) Hypothetically, if we were lucky enough to be blessed with that awesome trio of "inebriated" Jawas flopped outside of the Cantina, would they be more likely to be a hard accessory with light-up eyes, or actual figures with soft-goods?

3) Medal Han Solo? Medal Chewbacca? Are they slated for some sort of nice gift set with a spruced up Luke Skywalker and Ceremonial Princess Leia? (Also, since Carrie Fisher, in her royal capacity, appeared on MTV to give Chewbacca his medal, does that make her appearance there fair game for a Princess Leia figure, too?) ;-)

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From Han's Hideout:
1) It's been a while since we pestered you about our good pal Han Solo... are you ready to tell us which version we're getting in the A New Hope wave later this year? The kids on the internet are spilt - about half are thinking new Death Star Escape version, the other half are thinking he's from Yavin someplace.

2) It sounds like the new red & white cardbacks will be a bit smaller in size, much like the Marvel cards on the pegs at the moment. Will the smaller cardback affect our ability to get the occasional larger pack-in items (like the Bespin Torture Rack) we've been spoiled with these past few years?

3) That new Galactic Heroes Snowspeeder is fantastic! Any chance of more Galactic Heroes from Hoth, like say a repaint of the snowspeeder with Wedge, Janson, and a new Snowtrooper sculpt?

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1) A simple quick question, why does every Han Solo figure now have the same blaster? The long barrel scope version is only seen in ANH, after that he has the shorter scope version in ESB and ROTJ. Any chance of getting this version of the blaster for ESB and ROTJ versions of Han in the future?

2) Recently images have surfaced showing carded shots of the ARF Trooper and it strikes me that the hips on this figure look terrible. Will these be altered for a future release or is there still time to do something for this outing?

3) How come that retail prices for Star Wars figures are so widespread, when they basically all come from one source (the same factory). Prices range from $7 in the U.S. to $15.48 in Germany, $12.88 in Belgium and Netherlands, $11 in the U.K. and $18 in France...? With the worldwide economy in turmoil and oil prices at such low levels - the price should be coming down not up! Personally I can see a lot less sales because of the increase in price, and especially once the younger audiences have vanished from the toy aisles again. [Keep in mind that the prices quoted above are not inflated for special figures but can be found at large retail stores selling each figure from standard cases for the same prices.]

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From Jedi Temple Archives:
1) Would you consider a Battle Packs set that would include a take on the 212th Attack Battalion as seen in Revenge of the Sith? And if you did, would you be able to better match the orange color used on the armor so it is more authentic to the film? It almost seems like a no-brainer since the other Battle Packs that have focused on Order 66 have been such great sellers and disappeared quickly, like Betrayal On Felucia or Treachery On Saleucami for example. I am sure collectors and kids alike would love to see these Utapau troopers out again (especially since they have not made it into the Saga Legends line yet). And perhaps you can guarantee collector support if you recolor the orange or provide us with different battle damage applications.

2) I think the Scramble On Yavin Battle Packs set is the best in a very long time. I don’t think any collector could complain for the value of product you get for the money. Since this [value for the money] has been a steady complaint from the market, I think if you keep providing us with great Battle Packs sets or incredible action figure waves like the New Hope wave from early this year (which really gives us 11 action figures and awesome accessories) it may quiet the complaining. Can you tell us if it is possible if you will be able to continue and focus more with this medium/platform for the Battle Packs and Basic collection?

3) As awesome as the Sideshow 12” figure line is, I think it would be more than fair to say that they have unintentionally alienated the 12” figure market. A single 12” figure that has surpassed the $100 mark is an unattainable purchase for the collectors who could only spend $20 per figure. Is there any chance you are any closer to possibly considering bringing back the 12” line, however small and infrequent, so more 12” collectors from all incomes can get back into it? Rumors exist of a 12” Hammerhead mold being completed, Oola, and the Max Rebo Band, and a ROTS Aayla Secura and Obi-Wan Kenobi. We would love to see these figures finally realized in Hasbro 12” form. The line seemed too quickly abandoned before Sideshow took over, there was no official closer so to speak.

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1) My son and I love the Clone Wars voice changer helmets. He has the Blue and I have the plain white. They are really great items with excellent electronics and very durable. Yet we have been Boba Fett is a favorite character of his (ours) there a chance at a Boba Fett Voice changer helmet in the future? You could even make a Jango Fett plus an entire Mandalorian range in different color schemes.

2) The articulation in your figs keeps getting better and better but sometimes some of the figures have swivel elbows rather then the ball jointed elbows.
My question is will you guys phase out the swivel joints and completely replace them all with ball joints? Also is there any talk about a new way of doing the hips? Perhaps ball jointed hips?

3) This is more of an idea for "down the road", but one I was wondering if you had ever considered. 2-Packs seem to be popular among collectors, and can make great display pieces when the packaging is interesting.
So, have you or would you ever consider do a series of 2-packs featuring the Animated version of a charcter along with it's Legacy version? It would be an interesting way to perhaps celebrate the Animated series and the SW Legacy at some point down the road. Now, I know that not every character could be done as not all characters in the animation appear in the Live-Action. Obvious choices would be Anakin, Obi-Wan, Yoda, Padme, Clone Trooper, Grevious, Dooku, Commanders Cody & Gree, C-3PO and R2-D2. What do you think?

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From Raving Toy Maniac:
1) Every major character in the movies has received a Mighty Mugg with one exception: Padme! Is she coming and when?

2) As a Star Wars collector, I have ALOT of figures. What I don't have is a great way to store them. Back in the old days, there were vinyl cases with plastic holders that worked great. Is there anyway to re-issue (or even better, make new ones) these so we have some way to store our figures?

3) Are there plans to re-release the recent Death Star Trooper figure as a repaint of the vintage Death Squad Commander/Star Destroyer Commander figure?

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From Sir Steve's Guide:
1) In Q&As lately, there have been some disturbing answers that subtly point to problems with the future of the Star Wars collecting hobby. Repeated mentions of Hasbro's iteration of Force FX sabers underperforming at market, then the cancellation of Titanium Series, and now the bad news about the TLC basic figure line culminating in a whole wave of figures getting pushed into exclusives. Force FX not thriving might have something to do with the fact that there is a focus on re-releasing existing designs, or perhaps the lack of marketing and "event" releases. Titanium Series has suffered unbelievable amounts of repaints and price increases, and zero marketing. TLC basic figures have seen heavy production of collector-oriented figures like Yarna and Breha Organa (despite even collectors knowing these should have been hard to find rather than abundant), and miserable pacing with just 3 waves of new figures between July '08 and May '09. Hasbro generally has a poor track record of nurturing collector markets when it comes to lines not centered around the 3.75" theme. Doesn't it seem as if that part of the issue is management decisions, overly lofty expectations, even (in the case of Force FX & Titaniums) Hasbro desired profit margins which can't match the lines' business models established by previous licensees, leading to these lines stumbling and thus their collecting markets waning?

2) Last time we asked about Titanium Series capital ships, the 3 examples we used got blasted out of the sky. But there are popular capital ships, from the Acclamator (which you already said "no" about) to the Malevolence to the Rebel Medical Frigate to the Interdictor and more, which are deserving of Titanium Series releases, many of which are recognizable to a general audience and have no other toy outlets. With Titanium Series now facing a finite and already set-in-stone future, are there new capital ships planned for release in the line? If not, what was the thinking behind not choosing them?

3) The gauzy material used to make black capes and other soft goods is intolerable. The material is always cut too large, never hangs right, and is translucent. Darth Vader especially has a real miserable time of it, looking more like he's wearing a black chiffon number than his menacing duds. And not one figure using it can avoid it flaring out, poor Garindan looks like he's flying away. We've seen better materials used at this scale, even by you (the second Darth Maul figure comes to mind), so it's past time to reassess new materials for these purposes. If nothing else, getting sharper and better-looking cape designs will sell more Vaders to collectors and kids who already have an army of them. So, what say you on this matter, why are you still using the gauzy black cloth, and are you willing to look into better materials and better sewing for them?

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1) Last year, with the launch of The Clone Wars, you guys (Hasbro) gave us collectors an awesome breakdown on what was being released in the form of a PDF booklet/brochure. That was incredibly helpful when it came to determining personal spending budgets. Will we be seeing something like that again this year? Please say, yes...

2) Is there any chance Hasbro would be interested in doing any Al Williamson designed Han Solo, Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia figures based on the Classic Star Wars comic series that Dark Horse reprinted? How about figures of Luke and Leia from the Splinter of the Mind's Eye comics? If you do make these figures, with all due respect, PLEASE keep them in scale with the rest of your EXCELLENT figures, as I passed on the Shadows of the Empire Comic Pack due to the small Princess Leia. THANKS!

3) It's great to see Hasbro finally release a 501st Legion trooper using the #41 RotS mold. However, I bought a few and noticed a problem: the helmet's blue stripe is incorrect! The stripe should be continuous but instead we have a gap between the black rim and the visor. Also the stripe is too wide and should instead narrow from the top of the helmet to the chin. Please see the paintjob that was done for your TSC Commander Appo figure which was done correctly (although on Appo, he had too much dirt and his chest stripe didn't reach all the way to the neck). Can Hasbro please correct the problem for a future Legends release, I'd love to army build dozens more but only if it's accurately done.

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NEW: From Star Wars Action News:
1) In a Hasbro Q&A with Galactic Hunter you mentioned that collector interest seems to have waned in Star Wars figures and as such you will be taking action, such as moving The Force Unleashed figures to exclusives, out of the primary line-up. You also stated, in a different question, that you don't believe the price increase is at fault for this falling out of collectors. What do you think has caused collectors to stop buying figures, and do you think this is something likely to reverse itself?

2) Given that you actions are already being taken to deal with the loss of collector buyers, what does the future hold for the EU figures planned, in the comic 2-packs or the upcoming EU wave with the Solo twins?

3) So if there is a reduction in collector-specific figures, does this mean we will be seeing an increase in repacks, more of the Saga Legends, while Clone Wars holds steady and Build-A-Droid figures decrease in release?

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1) I'm greatly looking forward to the upcoming Sail Barge gunner Nikto figure. However, in looking closely at his rail cannon accessory, there is obviously a clip on the bottom which one would assume would be used to attach to the railing of a some sort.

Was this done to "future-proof" the figure IF a Sail Barge were ever to be released? Or is there serious consideration currently being given to producing one?

2) With the release of the upcoming Anakin Concept figure, can we expect to see more concept art figures being released?

There are some amazing pieces you could choose from, one in particular is this Padmé Amidala Concept Art that would have been used for Revenge of the Sith had the character not died in childbirth. I think that it would be a great figure to release and would be rather popular due to the fact it's based on an alternative ending of a main character.

3) The new Luke Skywalker (Medical Frigate) is an all around great figure in my opinion, plus it covers a version of him that's not been offered before. The question is with his accessory. There's been debate on various forums and amongst my friends as to what this small silver piece actually is. Can you clarify definitively that it's either the commlink that Luke used to speak to Lando aboard the Falcon or is it a tool used by 2-1B to "test" Luke's new cybernetic hand and is it possible to provide the reference photo used in sculpting this "mystery" piece?

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