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As part of Hasbro's Q&A session, Rebelscum passed on 2 of your burning questions and now we've got the answers for you.

Rebelscum: Many fans will miss the Comic Packs line, it was such a great concept. You've said before that the cost of including two figures and a comic made the line too expensive to continue. What about dropping the comic and continue to put out quality EU figure two packs for collectors? Once a month With You could do one EU pack a month so we get 12 EU Packs a year but do a good rotation from both Dark Horse, Marvel/Classic (no funky colors), Novels and Other, which would give 3 EU Packs from various sources. And it would give us 24 EU figures a year. There were some great figures on the horizon, as shown at SDCC last year (Deliah Blue/Darth Nihl, Jarael/Rohlan Dyre), hinted at in past Q&A sessions (Splinter of the Mind's Eye), and even ToyFare magazine (Nom Anor!) would be a shame to never get them.

Hasbro: We have thought about this idea, but as a consistent ongoing format it won't work and just would not be a productive segment for us since EU is overall a more niche interest among collectors right now than movie figures. There is another concern that, aside from the videogame figures or extremely well-known and highly demanded figures, the EU figures need story context to be successful and that's why we feel pack-ins are the only way to go. One day we hope that Comic Packs could return, but it would only be when the collector market has regained a firmer footing.

Rebelscum: In light of the name reveal of the 2 previously unnamed Astromechs and the answer regarding the BAD R3-A2:
What are the chances of a release of properly coloured:
1)R3-T2 [with proper red colouring and dome design-not the incorrect brownish colour and wrong dome deco]
2)R3-T7 [with proper yellow colouring and design-not the incorrect greenish colour and wrong paint deco]
3)R3-Y7 [with proper yellow color and design-not the incorrect green-ish colour and incorrect paint deco]
4)R4-M9 (from Star Tours) [with his original red colour paint job and 2nd darker green colour paint job to match the picture of the prop (as seen on the card he was issued on)-not the lighter teal colour]
5)R5-K6 [with proper torso and leg colouration, as the version you released was actually an Imperial droid aboard the Death Star]
6)Whistler [with his green torso paint design (from the novels and other E.U. sources]-and speaking of Whistler-What is his alpha-numerical designation? Is it really R2-D2 as some sources indicate?
7)R4-P17 as ponited out by The Star Wars Astromech page (and the right Rev. Stone) When will we get an accurately painted version of R4-P17 as every promotional and productial version has it WRONG-He should at the least have an upper RED (not Maroon) body and the most a red body [ALA R2-R9] as seen in the ROTS screen caps.
-Of course utilising the R4-G9 mould-

As far releasing the figures single carded would rawk, but I could go for another round of Entertainment Earth exclusive pair of 5 packs [including maybe 3 R6 units ] as well.

Hasbro: With the Legacy/Droid Factory going away, the chances of doing any more than a couple astromech droids in any given year is very small. None of these were on our radar screen for upgrades or re-dos, so we currently don't have plans for them (in fact, we weren't aware they were inaccurate to being with. If we get the chance to go back and do more droids somewhere, perhaps as retailer exclusives, we will check with Lucasfilm on the canonical story as to colors, and keep these comments in mind.

Got any burning Star Wars questions you need answered straight from the source? If so, post your questions in this thread in our forums, and with any luck, you'll get your answers next time!
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