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So many questions, so little space... Many other Star Wars collecting sites also submitted questions you need answered, so if you want to know the latest answers from Hasbro's Star Wars Q&A Session, here's a handy guide to help you get all the info.

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From Echo Base Forums:
1) I remember hearing a year or two ago that there was a new Cade Skywalker figure in the works. The old Cade figure could certainly use an upgrade, so are there any plans for a brand new version of this popular EU character?

2) San Diego Comic Con will be here before we know it, but is there anything you are dying to reveal a little early?

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From Imperial Shipyards:
1) We are all pretty excited with the prospects of the new prototype armor Boba Fett redemption mail away offer this year. Can you give us an idea about which wave of TVC figures we can expect to get the redemption form with, how long the offer will last, and which line's upcs will count towards the redemption?

2) TPM 3D is coming and giving an incredible opportunity to unleash the most iconic of prequel ships. Versions of it appeared in every prequel movie (and a few TCW toons): Naboo's Royal Starship. Can you re-release this sleek beauty, once more, as an exclusive this coming movie year? To reduce costs, gut the electronics, rid it of its 2 small vehicles, and include just a small figure (Astromech or Anakin). If you like going big, as you did by slapping 2 enlarged wings on the old/new Tie Fighter. Simply elongate her front nose and back tails, and you have a bigger badder ship! You successfully used old molds before and sold(out) the Emperor's Shuttle Target exclusive in 2006. Can you repeat that same success by using this other set of ready-made molds? Naboo's Royal Starship, unleashed in time for the movie year, or 3D blu-ray holiday debut, in 2012?

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From Jedi Defender:
1) We really liked how you did "Captain Fordo" by including both of his helmets and belts to give us 2 Clones in 1. We were curious though, with you guys tackling realistic styled Clone Wars figures, what are the odds you'd try the same thing with say a realistic Commander Cody or Captain Rex that include the 2 different helmets and specific gear for early in the war during the cartoon, as well as late in the war as they would appear during Revenge of the Sith? It was a great idea with Fordo and we'd like to see you try it again!

2) OK, so we finally got the near perfect (no holster leg strap?) Bespin Han Solo. Ok, ok - aside from that one little nit to pick, he's awesome. So, we have to ask - what's next for Han? New Carboninte Han? Fancy LED Carbonite Block Han with clear stand so it
looks like the block is 'hovering'? Or maybe something simpler, like tweaking Endor Han's shirt color (to off-white) and fixing his bulky torso joint?

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1) Loving the look of the new Jedi Force line. Will we get any of the missing vehicles (not produced for Galactic Heroes) in the new Jedi Force line, such as a TIE fighter, Republic Gunship, Sandcrawler along with some beasts such as the Batha and Ackaly?

2) Jedi News' Mark Newbold recently interviewed Jenny Cresswell, the actress who portrayed Han Solo's girlfriend 'Jenny' in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (this scene was removed before release and has never been shown; fingers crossed for inclusion on the Blu-ray set). During the interview she mentioned her disappointment that with so many Star Wars characters out there, her figure has never been made. With the Blu-ray release imminent, will we be seeing 'Jenny', from one of A New Hope's many deleted scenes, on the shelves? If not 'Jenny' please can you tell us at least one more of the deleted scene figures we'll be seeing when the Blu-ray's are released?

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From Jedi Temple Archives:
1) Online retailers are taking pre-orders to what they are calling wave 8 of The Vintage Collection (which include the Revenge Of The Jedi chase figures). But back in February during Toy Fair there were two waves of figures supposedly due in between June and September including the 501st Trooper, Kithaba, Aayla Secura, Dr. Evazon, Ponda Baba and Hoth Rebel Technician among many others. Can you give us the numbers of the these figures and clarify what waves they are going to be in as well as what their approximate shelf dates are. Are they coming before or after this ?October wave 8?? The Vintage Collection is really becoming confusing and we really want to get our paws on these figures.

2) Are you able to give us an idea of how many modern updates to the original vintage figures (you know, the vintage ?Collect all 92?) you are planning to release in The Vintage Collection? We recently did a special report (view this report here) outlining what we think is left before all of the original figures are remade to match their vintage counterparts. We?ve made life a little easier for you. And we even know a few more are coming now. We would love if these final figures came out during The Vintage Collection! If you?re feeling generous, maybe you could also let us know how many modern updates you have in the works too (ones you have made say in the POTF2 line but are due for better updates)? But specifically, can you let us know your plans for the mustachioed Bespin Security Guard, Lumat, Lapti Nek version of Sy Snootles, vintage Nikto and Sim Aloo? Please make them all a reality for us?

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1) You mentioned in an earlier Q&A that you were working on bringing certain TVC figures (Gammorean Guard, Wedge) to Europe. Will we see these figures mixed in with upcoming waves or will the ROTJ wave receive a regular release in Europe? Also, some of the case assortment lists that have been released seem rather underwhelming for the collector market in Germany. It would be nice to see figures like the Rebel Fleet Trooper, Bespin Han Solo, and Bom Vimdin packed 2x per case. Is it possible to see a better mix for the German market?

2) The cancelled comic packs line is dearly missed by many collectors, since it was such a perfect niche to give us some great EU Characters ? the good ones, not just some EU clone repaints (although some of them are nice too).
And many fans also wish for something like ?environmental? / diorama pieces.
I know playsets are something you would rather not touch (sadly), but how about combining those two fan demands by creating a sub-line of figure two-packs with some cardboard diorama pieces like the cards from the POTF2 EU-Wave or maybe even better like the Mos Eisley cantina and Jabba?s palace cardboard dioramas of the POTF2 line?
At least the cardboard dioramas shouldn't be too cost-intesive.

Please Hasbro give us EU-collectors some hope to get figures like a Noghri, a Guri, updated Dash Rendar, Leebo, a Verpine, a Togorian or even long-time classics like Blue-Max & Bollux.
There is still so much left to be done.

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From Raving Toy Maniac:
1) Star Wars Celebration VI has been announced for August of 2012, over a year away and leaving ample development time for a great, all-new exclusive (unlike Celebration V which was only announced a few months beforehand). An exciting idea for a Hasbro Star Wars exclusive could be one of the runner's up in the most recent Most Wanted Figure poll, in particular the character who placed second and lost by just one percent of the vote! Considering it has been said that a character like Jocasta Nu will not do well at mass retail, is there any chance of this beloved fan-demanded character being produced as a limited exclusive for diehard Star Wars fans at Celebration VI? This much-requested character as an exclusive would be a great reward to hardcore collectors attending Celebration VI.

2) Is there anything you'd like to share with us about the development of the Death Star set exclusive for San Diego Comic-Con? For example, the packaging is pretty neat, maybe you'd like to expand on it (or the character choices, or the two "only in this set" figures) a little to us.

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1) Do you have any plans for more "Ultimate Battlepacks"? Would love to see: full Cantina? Reb/Imp hangar? Jabbas court or barge?

2) We saw the response regarding distribution, how can you really say that? Most clerks don't know the difference between Clone Wars, Saga Legends and Vintage. Why can't Saga Legends have a shorter shelf life since they've been on the shelf before? If you guys can't see that all the "crap" keeps new product from flowing in, is that being honest?

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From Sir Steve's Guide:
1) In several instances now, when asked about the new Slave I getting an ESB release, the response is that it largely depends on how the current Clone Wars version does at retail. If the decision to release it this way is based off sales, why release this as a $100 set with a few re-released figures, and a vehicle repaint that wasn't really hotly requested? If this CW set does sell, does that suggest an ESB release would get a similar Ultimate Battle Pack treatment with the release of some new figures like Bespin Guards and an existing vehicle like the Cloud Car? If that's not likely in store for an ESB Slave I, why predicate that release on this one when it has a different pricepoint, market, and really a different business model altogether? Why release the CW one in this ultimate battle pack format, was this vehicle originally planned for the now-defunct $60 Deluxe Vehicle line and repurposed, was this always the plan for it, or if not, how did this come about this way?

2) When talking about cases including figures from previous waves to lengthen a sought-after figure's run, why is it that figures like the Gamorrean Guard and Wedge Antilles don't get planned to be revisited while the Sandtrooper and Grievous see repeat after repeat in later cases? You've told us that the line is meant to be "collector focused", we're even paying a dollar extra premium for the collector-focused smaller run, yet the figures nearly every collector already has - the ones that often end up pegwarming anyway - see nearly endless reruns in a bid to grab attention of casual consumers while the figures that collectors actually hunger for end up shorted at 1 per case in an extremely brief singular release window. On the Gamorrean's part, it seems doubly dangerous since that's a large investment in new tooling, we'd think Hasbro would want to see as much return as possible on that figure by selling as many as possible. It's not like the market has ever shown issues with the Gamorrean, unlike the Sandtrooper which has pegwarmed repeatedly in the modern line's 16 year run, yet this entire year was planned in advance under the notion that the Gamorrean would somehow be a collecting pariah, relegated to low interest and singular purchases, despite being a significant Jabba's Palace army builder and an incredibly recognizable Star Wars alien (to say nothing of the fact that it's an awesome figure to boot). So, um, why are the cool figures in TVC getting these short release windows and no carry-forward into later cases, and how soon could we expect to see that trend reversed in later cases?

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1) Any chance TVC Logray's color scheme will be fixed? Right now he looks like a brown Ewok with some light stripes rather than the other way around? And speaking of reversals, will the backwards legs on the VC25 R2-D2 be corrected? On the side of the legs near the shoulder joints the positions of the silver cylinder and the two silver squares are incorrectly reversed.

2) When are you planning to release a new version of the Imperial speederbike, as seen in Return of the Jedi? With new movie-accurate handles, better proportions for the foot rests? A new version is long due, don't you think?

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1) The upcoming R4-D7 figure in "The Clone Wars" line appears to feature Build-A-Droid components. Is this going to be incorporated into the line on a regular basis?

2) With several deleted-scene characters in the movie line, and more on the way for the Blu-Ray release of the Saga, is this something you would consider for "The Clone Wars"? Darth Bane and Darth Revan from the "Mortis Trilogy" would be great choices.

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1) Let?s try this again. Why doesn?t the new Vintage Rebel Fleet Trooper have a holster?

2) With SDCC only weeks away and news leaking (daily/weekly) through fan sites, eBay auctions, and ?officially? unannounced product hitting retail shelves outside of the US (*cough* TVC Y-wing *cough*), how about throwing us an ?official? bone? Can we get carded (final) images of the Vintage Collection Dr. Evazon, Ponda Baba, Bastila Shan, Nom Amor, Kithaba, Aayla Secura and the 501st Clone Trooper figures? Pretty please with sugar on top?

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