Posted by D. Martin on May 22, 2014 at 12:45 AM CST
Canadian collectors hunting retail outlets for the Saga Legends wave made up of Jango Fett clones will want to continue their hunt online. We just received confirmation from Hasbro Canada Corp. that they did not tag on for production of wave 2 of the Saga Legends collection. If this wave wasn't already tough enough to find, this news may lead to a rush for the figures, and especially the stormtrooper. If you are missing out, we hope you have luck getting these four figures at a decent price!
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With the announcement of the classic Kenner inspired Retro Collection, our ever-loving reprogrammed Imperial Probe Droid is tasked to weigh interest in the production of animated Holiday Special and Droids action figures.
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Yes! Screen Accurate Colorways On classic Kenner Style Sculpts
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