Posted by Jeremy on June 7, 2020 at 09:30 PM CST
The latest addition to The Mandalorian arts & decor collection at Regal Robot has been revealed - IG-11 & The Child deluxe magnet set.

"Our newest Star Wars™ creation features two fan favorites from the hit Disney+ series! IG-11 and the Child are now a deluxe magnet set, inspired by their dynamic speederbike ride from season one finale of The Mandalorian! Evolving from foe to protector, IG-11 swooped in to save the Child, who expressed a wonderful bit of joy in that moment, with ears fluttering in the wind!"

Pre-order yours for $39 now and get free shipping until June 15th (after that US shipping is $6 for the first magnet set and, $2 each additional). Regal Robot are expecting these US designed, produced and manufactured magnets to ship in approximately 8-10 weeks.

They’ll soon be expanding their magnetic offerings to give fans even more great pieces to add to their collection, home, office, or fridge. Join their email newsletter to hear about new creations - including an early bird peak at their “Star Wars: I Am Your Father’s Day!” magnet set.
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