Posted by Curto on April 1, 2011 at 11:38 AM CST
Previously, Hasbro had produced small-scale Unleashed and Galactic Heroes single carded figures for discount stores like Big Lots, Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc. But now that both lines have been canceled, they are left without any low-priced Star Wars collectibles for kids. Never fear, because the answer is here with a new line of The Vintage Mini-Collection, a line of figures that stand on their own, but can also be used with the 3?" action figures.

Repackaging several accessories from the past, this "Star Wars Miniatures" line (the name was available now that Wizards of the Coast isn't using it) includes smaller-scale 'figures' using the same classic Kenner packaging design. The selection includes pieces from the entire saga of movies, and it will be broken down into three categories:

These small-scale accessories were previously only available as pack-ins, but they have never been released together. The perfect series for diorama-building, or recreating your favorite scenes. The skeletal remains proves that Hasbro's "best wave ever" promise is slowly being fulfilled.

Flesh & Blood
This series includes several smaller critters that can be found in the movies, but have never been available individually before. Those wanting to build a pack of wild beasts now will have the opportunity to do so. Salacious Crumb has also never been available individually before*, so this will be a first.

The Star Wars universe is full of various droids in every corner and every function. Once again, these have all be made available before, but always as a pack-in with other figures, vehicles, or multipacks. If you ever wanted more than one, it might have been a pretty expensive proposition.

These smaller-scale figures on the vintage cardbacks should only cost around $3.00 each, and as mentioned above, should be available through discount stores like Big Lots, Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc.

* As revealed during Toy Fair, both Salacious Crumb and the Mouse Droid will also be included on a "Revenge of the Jedi" cardback as part of the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con exclusive boxed set.

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