Posted by Philip on February 23, 2016 at 02:30 PM CST
I'm delighted to welcome Jeremy Beckett back to the staff of Rebelscum. He first pitched in here in 2001 from the UK and later left to have a career in different countries around the world, but has settled down now in Australia where he will be fielding Star Wars collecting news, with some local attention to down under. Welcome him back at!
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San Diego Comic Con Coverage
The new 75159 UCS Death Star has been announced and it's 99.5% re-release of a set, at an additional $100, that was only retired less than 12 months ago. How do you feel about this addition to the LEGO Star Wars line?
Ecstatic: it's LEGO Star Wars after all!
Great: I didn't get a chance to buy 10188.
Fair to middling: I like to build and it has some nice new additions.
meh: the UCS range is meant to be special.
Harrumph: 10188 is cheaper on eBay.
Fuming: abject failure in market research and imagination.
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