Posted by Jeremy on May 15, 2002 at 05:21 AM CST
Across Europe Kinder Surprise Eggs will contain a special series of Happy Hippo characters in Star Wars costumes. These 1-1/2" figureines will be sure to be a hit around the world, but as yet it seems that they will only be available in Europe.

No official pictures exist but two links have pictures of the toys:

From their write-up it looks like Kinder have come up with a nifty little background story for their characters:
"The Happy Hippos have seen the latest Star Wars film in the cinema and now they want to share the adventures of their heroes. Into the costumes they go to fight the Hipperium: With bright laser sword watch Luke Eiwalker fight Dark Laser, while the small robot Erzwo Hippo beeps enthusiastically and the golden Droid H-IP0 cleans his golden suit. Meanwhile the smuggling pilot Happy Han tries to conquer the heart of the beautiful Princess Hippeia. And Aubacca roars so loud that Jango Jet takes off on his jet pack! Only the two Hippo teachers Hippoda and Obi Wan Hippobi remain calm, with their Hippo Knights waiting to assist. May the Force be with them!"

So far they haven't turned up on sale yet, but Rebelscum will let you know when they do.
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