Posted by B. on July 22, 2020 at 10:20 AM CST
Hobby manufacturing company, Kotobukiya (Tokyo, Japan), will release an ARTFX+ statue of TIE Fighter Pilot and Mouse Droid from Star Wars: A New Hope in August 2020. ARTFX+ Statues are fun-to-assemble pre-painted snap-fit kits that can be easily put together in seconds without glue or modeling skill.

The Corellian Imperial pilot from Star Wars: A New Hope, “Backstabber” joins the Kotobukiya ARTFX+ line in a limited edition variant! Accompanying the ARTFX+ Backstabber is a 1/10th scale MS-6-series repair droid, also referred to as a “mouse droid”.

The TIE Fighter Pilot “Backstabber” stands just over 7 inches tall (1/10th scale) and looks great in any collection!

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■Product Specifications

Size: around 182mm
SRP: $124.99(plus tax)
Month of Release: August 2020
Copyright: (C) & TM Lucasfilm Ltd.
Product URL:

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