Posted by D. Martin on February 9, 2017 at 12:39 AM CST
Kotobukiya’s lineup of Star Wars themed kitchen items continues in a whole new direction with innovative chopsticks. Previously fans have collected several versions of lightsaber eating utensils, but now we’re proud to introduce the BB-8 MASCOT CHOPSTICKS! Now you too can keep The Force Awakens’ star astromech droid close by with this character-themed set featuring sturdy orange chopsticks topped by little BB-8s. The miniature figures are highly detailed and look great, and this is the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan. Use along with other Kotobukiya themed kitchen goods like the boiled egg shapers, silicone trays, and sandwich shapers for a full Star Wars dining experience that’s out of this world!
Available May 2017.
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