Posted by Jeremy on September 17, 2017 at 08:13 AM CST
There's plenty of rumours circulating the interwaves at the moment but we've taken the time to sort the wheat from the chaff to give you the (certified gluten free) latest updates - often with official authentication - on 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon.

Exclusive VIP Card - only those people who got the commemorative VIP card in collector's case at the LEGO Leicester Square midnight opening have their special edition VIP card. The rest will be coming out in a few weeks as a seperate shipment. Those who ordered but aren't VIP members can complete a VIP membership application after the fact and still recieve the special edition card. And the rumour that holders of the commemorative VIP card will be able to take advantage of special offers next year are true, though there has been no official statement what these will be.

Promotional Posters - are being included with online orders; while mostly correct some people are receiving the wrong ones. LEGO customer service advises that they can not replace incorrect posters. Thankfully the LEGO Star Wars community is helping each other out.

Distribution - the set will be a LEGO store (brand and certified), LEGOLAND Park, Discovery Centre and online exclusive only. It is not being considered for general retail distribution. Additionally there have been several unsubstatiated reports that LEGO brand stores (in London and Leeds in the UK and Houston, USA) have received additional stock since the two-day VIP Early Access event, and are still selling them.

Shipping - the good news is that they are shipping out now, and being delivered in a second box that includes the shopping trolley construction. However demand has outstripped supply and LEGO customer services are advising that some orders may take another month or two to fill.

And now the big one...

Availability - more good news and bad news: the initial demand has wiped out not only the VIP Early Access allocation but the October 1st release stock as well, reports The good news is that the UCS Millennium Falcon is being treated as any other set and will be available for the normal two to three years before retirement, so there's plenty of time to get one.

Special thanks to the members of LEGO Star Wars Fans and LEGO Star Wars Collectors groups on Facebook for providing a constant stream of information.
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