Posted by Jeremy on April 20, 2016 at 05:58 AM CST
News surfaced yesterday in the Eurobricks forum with images of an invitation to a very exclusive early morning sales event at LEGO brand stores (presumably in the US) on April 28th.

In additon to the all-ready announced promotions there is an extra exclusive.

While information remains scant, Dr Jedi has started a thread in the Rebelscum forums, revealing that the members of the LEGO VIP programme are getting sent invitations to the early opening that will give them access to buy the limited edition Escape the Space Slug.

Apparently this set will only be available on the day, each store will only have 28 of these 150 piece sets, and those not distributed will be returned to LEGO.

Rest assured, we will post more news as we get it!
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