Posted by Jeremy on March 13, 2019 at 03:13 PM CST
Way back in October we were able to share the news that this year would see three polybags - ostensibly miniaturised re-releases of three sets that were originally made available in 1999 - and pics and (limited) details of two of them have surfaced.

The first to turn up on the scene - when it was posted by Brickset last month - was 30461 Podracer. This 58-piece, scaled-down version of 7131 Anakin's Podracer doesn't have a known distribution method yet but is likely to be a LEGO brand store May The 4th Be With You exclusive, given its proximity to the May 19th release date of The Phantom Menace, way back in 1999.

And just making its first appearance in the last day or two is 30384 Snowspeeder. This is a known Target exclusive and the 49 pieces is said to cost a trifling $3.99. Despite reports to the contrary, this de-bigified rendition of 7130 Snowspeeder hasn't made it to market yet.

The third set is 30383 Naboo Starfighter and nothing about this set has been revealed as of yet.
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