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Printer's proofs of box art of the three larger sets from The Last Jedi have emerged on /r/legoleaks. These are all watermarked with the Youtuber account "Mike Zeroh" though no obvious video file is shown on the account. If you want to learn more we have a written description of the sets for you with images protected by a spoiler-proof cloaking device .

75188 - Resistance Bomber

As seen in The Last Jedi teaser trailer at 1:33, this space vehicle has a Falcon-like cockpit at the front of a short and thick body and ends in a pair of tail cannons and a gunner's bubble. A solid ventral fin extends vertically below the cockpit and terminates in a similar cannon that is at the fuselage's tail, which has thin horizontal wings either side of it. Overall the set depicts a clunky looking ship that has a distinctly utilitarian appearance. The rear box art shows that the ventral fin has a swing-up/out rear blkaster, a bomb drop mechanism and the fin's terminal cannon can swivelled upwards to allow the set to be stood upright. The tail cannon has stud launchers, there is a central crew copmpartment with room for two minifigs in the middle of the fuselage and the cockpit has seats for two - one facing forward (pilot) and the other backawards (bombardier).

The included minifigures are a Resistance Bomber Pilot in orange flight suit with a pistol and a white helmet that includes a visor, a Resistance Bombardier in an orange flight suit and a tan, visorless helmet with a pistol, Vice Admiral Holdo who sport a blaster while wearing a grey uniform and lilac hair, Resistance Gunner Paige (evidently a character minifig) who has an orange flight suit, blaster and a second style of visored helmet and finally Poe Dameron who is wearing brownish orange fatigues and comes with a blaster and a hair element.

75189 - First Order Heavy Assault Walker

Seen briefly at 1:17 in the teaser trailer, this beefed AT-AT (also known as the gorilla walker) is depicted on a snowy background with ground troops at its feet. The head shows much heavier armour plating on its cheeks and brow ridge than the AT-AT's we've seen to date, and has spring-loaded shooters instead of the regular chin guns while the roof of the head is hinged and opens to expose a cockpit with a single minifigure in it. The front of the body has an open area with a forward mounted cannon and a side hatch that lowers to form a ledge where a minifig can be placed. The legs are armoured at the shoulder and the front of the shin are articulated at three points- shoulder, knee and ankle. The box art shows a small crate on the ground.

The minifigs that come with this set are Rey in the same outfit she wore in the trailer (0:12) and a long pony-tailed hair element and a blue lightsaber as seen on the new packaging graphics, Resistance Trooper with light brown uniform and yellow visored helmet and pistol, Captain Poe Dameron with dark brown legs in a dark brown vest, covering a white shirt and carries a blaster, a First Order Walker Driver armed with a blaster and wearing a white helmet decorated with a grey Ziggy Stardust flash and a grey uniform that has a white chest plate, and finally a stock First Order Stormtrooper with a pistol.

75190 First Order Star Destroyer

Looking very similar to The Finalizer from The Force Awakens, this capital ship is displayed above an unknown planet and is firing on a Resistance Bomber. Though the box art doesn't show much detail about this set, what it does reveal is that there are four stud launchers on either side of the superstructure. The ship's upper hull is hinged so that it can be opened to expose the interior, much like 75055 Imperial Star Destroyer. The interior has a bridge and crew pit for two minifigs in the mid-section and the stern has a command structure with a lift and a hologram piece for a leader minifig. The structure of the ship includes a handle that can be raised so that this set can be carried.

The minifigs that are included are First Order Officer which closely resembles the unarmed First Order Officer that came with 75101 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter but in dark bluish grey and sporting a blaster, First Order Shuttle Pilot who, in his black uniform, helmet and blaster , could be mistaken for the 9492 TIE Fighter's Death Star Trooper, a stock First Order Stormtrooper with pistol, a First Order Stormtrooper Sergeant who has a white pauldron rank designation, Supreme Leader Snoke in a yellow jumpsuit and BB-9E who could be mistaken for an undercover BB-8.

The artwork revealed is only preliminary. There are a number of tell tales that indicate that this isn't the final version and is only being used for checking how the colours will look in final printing. Notable omissions include additional languages that are common in multi-lingual market regions and most glaringly the piece count.
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