Posted by Philip on July 24, 2006 at 09:10 AM CST
Unusually, it seems many of those on Master Replicas email distribution list have not received their announcement of the ESB Millennium Falcon that went out, myself included.

Thanks to Darth_angel from the forum, that email is available for review here,

At this time we are assuming it will go on sale to Master Replicas Collectors Society members as indicated in the email, 9:00 AM Pacific, Tuesday. We hope to confirm this later today. (Now confirmed by Master Replicas)

Quick details on it:

32" x 24" x 6"

It is illuminated and comes complete with a mirror base that is designed to hold an acrylic top. The top is not included, but I have been assured by Master Replicas an optional cover will be available. (This has been confirmed, though it will be later, and possibly available directly from third-parties, which is still to be determined).

Limited Edition $2199.00

Signature Edition $2799.00, limited to 500 with Harrison Ford autograph.

There are a number of detailed photos of it in our Comic-Con MR gallery.

Orders for the general public will begin two days later on Thursday.

If you are wondering what being a Collectors Society member can offer you on an order like this:

Generally, the first 300 of a limited edition is pulled for the first 300 orders of an item. All MR items sell at least that many during the exclusive Collectors Society period.

Highly prized signature editions have sold out during the exclusive period. It's hard to judge if an item with this very high price point will sell out quickly, but I guess it's possible since this is a difficult autograph to get with any kind of valid certification.

If this amazing piece is something you just have to own, becoming a Collectors Society member is just $59.95 and includes a Mini-Mace Windu saber, and many valuable coupons as well, including one for $100 off a Studio Scale replica, which can be the Falcon, so it's really not a hard decision. You would however want to purchase your membership today, prior to the order period on Tuesday.

As always, we appreciate your using our Master Replicas Affiliate order link when purchasing from them.

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