Posted by D.†Martin on July 6, 2015 at 11:33 PM CST
From Dan Y:

Hey there! Dan again in Rockford, IL. Thought Iíd let you and your readers know about the newest Star Wars Hot Wheels that I just found today at my local Hobbytown USA. They had all 6 (whole set) of the new premium cars at $4.99 a pop. These are very niceÖ.full metal chassis AND body, with Real Riders rubber tires. First time Iíve seen these. They also had the newest wave of the character cars at $3.49 each. Of these, I had seen C-3PO and the Inquisitor online at auction, but didnít even know about Wicket and Kanan. C-3PO is not the same as the two pack version. Itís cleaner/not tarnished looking. I know theyíre not for everyone, and some action figure collectors couldnít care less about Hot Wheels, but I really dig these. Hereís a couple pics if you wish to share. Keep up the great work at Rebelscum! I check it every day =)

Thanks Dan!
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