Posted by Curto on October 17, 2011 at 10:43 AM CST
Coming in 2012, Walmart will be getting an exclusive line of Star Wars figures called "Discover the Force". (So yes, this is technically a 4th figure line!) This series was announced at San Diego Comic Con in July, but a lot of fans were understandably confused by what we could expect.

Well, wonder no are all the details, as well as photos of the cardbacks!

"Discover the Force" is a new promotion starting January 30, 2012 where fans can experience Star Wars like never before in a 3-Dimensional galaxy! There will be a promotion at (not active yet), and a line of Hasbro figures. These will be broken down into at least three categories: basic figures, battle packs, and vehicles/creatures.

The basic figure line will be 12 figures in the new "Darth Maul" cardback design, but with 3D glasses attached to the side of the card. The back of the cards will have a 3-D image that can be seen by wearing the glasses, and the photos really pop off the packaging.

There will be 12 figures in all, listed below. Many of these are repacks with new accessories, but some are all-new. Some will also be available in other lines. Confused? Here's a list:
1- Aurra Sing (will later be in The Vintage Collection)
2- Darth Maul
3- Destroyer Droid
4- G8-R3
5- Gungan Warrior (will later be in The Vintage Collection)
6- Mawhonic (will later be in The Vintage Collection)
7- Obi-Wan Kenobi (will later be in Movie Heroes)
8- Qui-Gon Jinn (will later be in Movie Heroes)
9- Ric Olie
10- Naboo Pilot (will later be in The Vintage Collection)
11- Tusken Raider
12- Yoda

Being released on this cardback allows for more room to have more and/or larger accessories included with each figures. For example, each figure also includes the Galactic Battle Game pieces (stand, die, and card) we've seen the past two years (the stands are now tan), and some figures will only have the larger accessories in this line.

In addition to the 12 figures, there will also be a pair of Battle Packs that are Episode I themed and will also include the 3-D imagery on the back of the box:

13- Mos Espa Arena (includes Anakin Skywalker, C-3PO, Sebulba, and a pair of Pit Droids)
14- Royal Starship Droids (includes R2-D2, R2-A6, R2-R9, and R2-B1)

The photo in the Friday presentation showed Pax Bonkik in the scene, but he is not included in the set. Sebulba is the Power of the Jedi version. This is why the podracers do not include the figures anymore...they are here instead. As for the astromech droids, they are made up of the Build-A-Droid parts, so technically, they are all new figures.

Finally, there are two vehicles/beasts that are included in the "Discover the Force" line, (Well, one is a creature, but you get the idea)

15- Dewback (repack of the 2009 creature)
16- Vulture Droid (a repaint of The Clone Wars vehicle)

Sharp-eyed fans may have noticed I numbered the items in this list. The Battle Packs and Vehicles are not numbered, but if you look on the back of the packaging, you'll see there is a line that says "1 of 17 awesome 3-D images!" Simple math shows we're at 16 images so what is number 17? Stay tuned for Toy Fair for the reveal on that one!