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Welcome back Rebel Scum! Itís almost February, which means itís almost the 25th anniversary of Diamond Select Toys! This year will feature contests, giveaways and more, all to celebrate two and a half decades of great toys and statues! Look for the 25th anniversary logo on products throughout the year, including on the following summer-release items! Read on for details, then find a store near you at or order online at!

Ahsoka Captain Enoch Premier Collection 1/7 Scale Statue
SRP: $200.00
A Gentle Giant LTD release! All rise for Captain Enoch! The captain of the guard for Grand Admiral Thrawn cuts an imposing figure, with his customized gold-faced stormtrooper helmet, and now he is the latest statue in the Premier Collection from Gentle Giant LTD! Measuring approximately 11 inches tall at 1/7 scale, this resin statue is limited to only 2000 pieces, and comes packaged in a full-color box with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Ahsoka Night Trooper 1/6 Scale Mini-Bust
SRP: $130.00
A Gentle Giant LTD release! The Night Troopers are coming! Once stormtroopers, now animated by the Great Mothersí majik, the sinister Night Troopers of Grand Admiral Thrawn are now the latest 1/6 Scale mini-bust from Gentle Giant LTD! Standing approximately 6 inches tall atop a black pedestal base, this mini-bust is limited to an edition of 2000 pieces, and comes packaged in a full-color box with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Jumbo Sy Snootles 12" Retro Figure
SRP: $80.00
A Gentle Giant LTD release! Letís hear it for the Max Rebo Band! Kicking off the line of retro-styled Jumbo 12-inch figures of Jabba the Huttís in-house band, alien singer Sy Snootles comes with a microphone stand and arrives packaged on a resealable blister-card, with a retro cardback. Coming soon: Droopy McCool and Max Rebo himself!

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