Posted by Jeremy on December 27, 2019 at 02:33 PM CST
After nine months of tinkering, upgrading and tweaking the revamped LEGO Star Wars forums is open. Looking back at nearly twenty years of conversations about LEGO Star Wars - seeing who has come, gone, and rejoined as well as learning which are the perennial topics - has been enlightening, so please take a moment to skim the section synopses before heading off to explore.

First and foremost, LEGO is no longer a small section of the Rebelscum forums buried in Toys & Collectables but has its own fenced-off area. This has allowed us to grow the number of topic areas form two (the broad spectrum LEGO forum and the old Classified section) into eight different areas for dedicated LEGO discussions:
LEGO Star Wars Discussions - this is where ongoing threads on current topics - for example, the general yearly LSW conversation and general chats - will live. Evergreen topics that don't fit into other areas will remain here. For most of us, this will be the main go-to area for LSW discussions.​

LEGO Star Wars Set Library - conversations on specific sets will take place here. It will act as an archive to record official information about sets as well as your reviews, comments or questions. This is where to head to if you want to do some research on a particular LEGO Star Wars set. Currently, there are nearly 400 sets catalogued. It is hoped that at some point in the near future we will create subforums to further separate out different LEGO Star Wars subthemes.​

LEGO Star Wars Minifigures - if your interest is in minifigure collecting then this is where you'll want to share your comments and opinions.​

LEGO Limelighting & Display - document your recent acquisitions and growing collection in this forum. Feel free to create your own personal thread so you can document the timeline of your own LEGO Star Wars collection.
LEGO Star Wars Customising (MOCs) - those who are interested in their own creative LEGO projects can share their latest custom builds and modifications here.​

LEGO Shop/Buy/Sell/Trade - is where you can share your store finds and experiences, post news on sales and discounts as well as buy/sell/trade LEGO Star Wars products. Please read the classified rules before you advertise.​

Non-LEGO Star Wars Discussions - because LEGO has other themes and properties, we have a special area to discuss those that aren't Star Wars-related.​

LEGO Discussion Vault - gone but not forgotten - this is where old LEGO Star Wars Discussion threads are moved to gather dust.​
This wholesale curation of the LEGO forums has been a long time coming, and is our own LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary legacy project. Alongside the reorganisation and stratification of over 3500 discussion threads and 70 thousand individual posts, we are including @LegoMedGuy as one of this section's moderators. Without his help this project would have been completed in time for the 30th anniversary.

If you have any feedback or suggestions to share feel free to share them with us.

And if you're new to LEGO Star Wars please remember to always keep your shoes on when moving around these forums.

We're giving you the chance to unofficially help decide which one of the following Star Wars vehicles should be an upcoming LEGO Ultimate Collector Series! There are three models to choose from, but you can only vote once for one model. So choose wisely! If you want to take part in the official vote head to LEGO Ideas next.
Nebulon-B Frigate
TIE Bomber
Republic Gunship
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