Posted by Chris on December 27, 2010 at 01:00 PM CST and bring you an exclusive first look at the second to last Star Wars Mondo Poster by artist Rob Jones. We are thrilled to debut this piece to Star Wars fans and collectors worldwide. This has been an amazing series and we have really enjoyed following along as each piece has been announced.

TITLE: King's Lead Hat
ARTIST: Rob Jones
SIZE: 24"x 36"
PRICE: $50

"There's a scene in Star Wars where Grand Moff Tarkin strides into his council room on the Death Star announcing the dissolution of the Imperial Senate. His officers express concern over the Emperor's ability to maintain control of star systems without this governing body. To this Tarkin retorts, 'Fear will keep the local systems in line. Fear of this battle station.'

This exchange made me consider the motivation behind the Emperor's construction of Darth Vader. I'm not referring to just the cybernetic bits maintaining Vader's body but also the active manipulation of his mind to bring him to the dark side. The Emperor created in Vader a weapon no different from the Death Star in its ultimate purpose, a means of generating fear amongst the vast populace he ruled. An administrative tool that became the executor of the Emperor's cruel commands. With that in mind, I decided to depict Vader as a facility harnessing and directing his immense natural power towards malicious ends."
- artist, Rob Jones

Be sure to follow @MondoNews for the "on sale" announcement which will be sometime in the afternoon on Tuesday, December 28th.

Also, check out our forum discussion where you can chime in with your thoughts and view a full run down of what's been offered in this series so far.
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