Posted by Curto on November 28, 2008 at 09:06 AM CST
For your viewing pleasure, we've got some new photos of upcoming Star Wars exclusive toys. Check it out!

Jabba's Rancor with Luke Skywalker
From the classic scene in Return of the Jedi comes a new sculpt of the Rancor! This beast comes with a Luke Skywalker figure and is coming soon exclusively to Target stores.

Clone Trooper Voice Changer (501st Legion)
Join the 501st with this new version of the Clone Trooper helmet, coming to Wal-Mart stores.

Crimson Empire
Go, go, Crimson Empire! This internet-exclusive set is based on the popular Dark Horse comic book series, and features the following figures:
1x Emperor Palpatine with lightsaber
1x Darth Vader with lightsaber
1x Lemmet Tauk (Purple) with battle staff
1x Kir Kanos (Yellow) with battle staff
1x Alum Frost (Red) with battle staff
1x Carnor Jax (Blue) with battle staff