Posted by D_Martin on August 1, 2010 at 11:52 PM CST
The first wave of The Vintage Collection has hit Walmarts across Canada this week end, and if this first shipment is any indication the vintage Style Boba Fett action figure send away is not being offered north of the 49th. The Walmart these figures were purchased at had seven full sets of figures, but no Boba Fett single carded figures. At first it appeared that they were not packed in like they were in the US cases, but a quick look at the new blue carded Clone Wars figures also on the selves, it would appear it was one buyer cleaning the 'hoty figures' from the shelves, since there were five cases of the Clone Wars figures on the shelf and not a single Pre Vizsla figure in sight...

UPDATE Rebelscum reader Volker has written in with more information. As it turns out there are three unique Canadian packaging variations, including the sticker-free version in the images below. In addition, there are two additional different packaging variations currently shipping in Canada (though not seen locally here in Vancouver). The first variation spots the king of all typos by calling the nefarious bounty hunter 'Bobba Fett". As expected, the second variation sports the sticker and send away form, but with the corrected text stating 'Boba Fett".

Stay tuned for more images as they become available to us.

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